Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Alright, let's start this turkey shoot with the basics.

Name's Zerombr, but I go by Zero, was a fan of the megaman character years ago, name stuck with me, and frankly is an apt name for my half-assed life. Heh...

Interests:  Borderlands, Lord of the Rings, certain MMOs, hopefully DC Universe Online, board games like Risk, and role playing.

Lately I've taken an interest in reading up on the web famous /Construct/, or slender man on the blogs on this site, which drove me to write a small blog entry of my own.

So let's clear the air with my views about the whole thing.

/Construct/ - Everything has the same chance of being real, I mean it's no secret that we as a race have a great deal of potential, that we can create much when we focus on it,  sadly this...abbheration is an idealized focal point for all the self-loathing, and fear we all possess.
  Let's not deny it people, we as a race are scared of the unknown, and scared we're not measuring up to par.  Half of us worry that we're not smart enough, the other half think we're not attractive enough.  All the time, we wonder if we're doing 'right', as we anticipate being silently judged.  We are a fearful people, it's only natural.
  It's my belief that we've evolved much much less than we think we have.  Right now, our technology has advanced leaps and bounds over our ability to comprehend it, which leads us into a societal uproar.  People focus on social sites, chat for hours in meaningless 'lol' chats, and get into fights over not being 'friended'.  We haven't adapted to how instant communication is nowadays, and thus we've become entrenched in immediate gratification, seeking followers on Twitter so you can be praised for taking a photo of your lunch or whatever.
  Is it no surprise that our fearful potential and our inability to comprehend how fast our lives move now,(Beyond the scope of evolution), that such a monster could be created/awoken?

Now, I have not seen /construct/, nor do I wish to.  I do not have a notebook of scribbles, nor do I have a nasty cough.  I am only touched by this creature by the blogs I read, which isn't to say that i don't possess fear.  Hell, I'm afraid of a lot of things, change, being abandoned, and home intrusion.
  The last was brought upon me when my house was robbed two years ago, stealing my XBox.  Granted that's not a huge issue in the scheme of things, but for someone who has been as cloistered as myself, it was a big deal.  I should note that I have a rather large cabinet covering the patio door that was used, with the sofa against it.  If anyone tries to get in past that, I'll know about it, and have my personal theft deterrent system (baseball bat) readied.

I grew up out of the city, at a state park near the woods. (no sightings there, nothing but peace and quiet)  I was quite afraid of death at an early age, but as a concept not as a person.  I currently work as an office drone in a decent city, making fair money and live comfortably enough.

I've opened this blog just to lend a port in the storm to those who've had their...encounters with /construct/, in hopes that together, instead of going mad alone, we can suffer the storm, and come out strong...

I just read that and realized how pretentious I sound!  I'm not that bad really, I just think that  maybe I have some a perspective that may assist in this task at hand.  killing it.

Take care, friends.


  1. Good pick of "Zero" for an identity, taking into account all the "Zeros" in fiction.

    Also, I hope you understand, that by participating in this, you are drawing his attention.

    Still, if your luck is what you claim it is, then I'm glad we have you on board.

    Stay safe.

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  3. Well I haven't fully engorged myself on myth, for instance, haven't seen MH, or EverymanHYBRID. While this may not be enough to keep me 'safe', I've also realized that it doesn't matter. I'm not safe as it is, this thing could get anyone at any moment. Also, since I'm /Construct/ free as of yet, I'm hoping that I might have a different PoV of things, than those entrenched. We'll see how that turns out.
    All in all, I've realized lately that I haven't done a damn thing in my life. No spouse, no kids, no legacy. I've had no ambition, and have never known what I'm destined for. Maybe with this, I can at least have a shot of helping someone.