Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bulletproof-Death of the Villain

I've noticed lately that my self-esteem and luck seem to have been flipping like a coin every day and night.  By day I've been feeling good, and at night I have been plagued by insecurities that all men face in the dark, when they stare at the second most terrifying thing they know, themselves.

I think we all know who occupies the top slot.

So let's get onto the topic at hand, about him.

On a personal level, no visits, no pictures,  I've taken a few with my camera phone about my home and work, just in case,  it's all good.

I've been starting on Omega's Encyclopedia Slendira, skimming it really for now, I simply haven't the time so far to do an archive binge.  He's got a comment on there from Jack Tyler, who writes Scared.  Now...I haven't read Scared, I cannot claim to be able to invest myself in his shoes, but this gets me....

"Stephanie is asleep right now..... She had an all nighter, and most of today. I had at least 4 hours. Regardless, I am going somewhere. The woods. I will be back in a couple of hours hopefully."

 Let me repeat that sentence

"Stephanie is asleep right now..... She had an all nighter, and most of today. I had at least 4 hours. Regardless, I am going somewhere. The woods. I will be back in a couple of hours hopefully."

The Woods? seriously?  Haven't enough people heard that they shouldn't go into the woods, especially after having contact with /construct/?  I took the liberty of glancing over Scared's newest entry.  Apparently Jack is of the belief that there are two /constructs/.  Alright, this corroborates with Richard(Sane)'s belief that there is one for each nation.

Before I continue on with this, I must admit that this is a sound idea.  /Construct/ is in essence, the Boogeyman, and if the mass melding of social inadequacies and primal fear can create /construct/ then it stands to reason that it has happened before, things by gone back when storytelling to a small village spread news, and tales. So, I am not overly skeptical of this, it seems to fall in line with anything else I've heard.

Now, back to Scared.  I find it hard to believe that one of the two doesn't seem overly hostile, and actually communicates with writing.  It seems so...out of place.  I'm going to have to read the archive of Scared, to see if I can understand how this came to be.

All this leads me to my current point of the day.

/Construct/ was created by a gap in social conscience, I think.  We've heard people blame SA for its existence, which can sound laughable, but perhaps is more true than we thought.  Something Awful,  while I do not vist it, is well known as being a very culture-centric site.  As I understand it,  a great deal of memes are created there, that spread out into the internet culture.
   When the communication explosion occured, back when texting and facebook started, we stumbled across something magical,  the ability for instant communication gratification.  Stimulus/Response from practically anywhere in the world, at your fingertips.  Added with the mobility of cell phones, this staggered us as a culture.  People were killed responding to texts while driving, lives crumbled, and school rooms were simple texting grounds.  These things still happen, but now we're starting to step up against it.  Communciation evolved farther than our ability to understand it,  we needed to grow socially, as the whole world, to understand what we had done.
    One of the games I've played has a concept of magic that in essence says, 'the more you're taught something, the more you're defined as to what your world is, the less potential you have, because you've chosen to rigorously define what is and is not real.'  I've seen this as a sound theory, and while I am naturally skeptical of things, I believe that this could in fact be the case.  What was it Sherlock Holmes said?  "If you take away the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
   This malaise, this cultural reawakening we discovered, threw back the curtains, and revealed to us another truth, and for a few years, we were children, open to the fantastic yet again.  This is how we got here.

So here's my proposal.  We need to kill him, here on-line together.  We all need to write a story, a paragraph at least, of how the ./constructs/ die, and leave us rid of them forever.  We need to tap into that morass, and spread the word, get it on Something Awful, maybe make it a contest or something, where everyone submits a story, and kill this asshole in our minds and spirits.  Do it,  Kill the Slender Man!


  1. Seems to be the only way to me

  2. That's exactly what "Breaker" tried to do, and that brought down ungodly amounts of RAGE upon it.

    Writing a story where the /Construct/ dies would be very difficult to pull off. However, according to "In My Head", there is a way to "kill" the /Construct/. Unfortunately, the author killed herself before she could actually tell us anything of value, which closes off that route of investigation. Still might something to look into when writing a story where the /Construct/ dies.

  3. "Breaker" failed miserably due to bad writing, abysmal pacing and lack of research. If the story wasn't so hurried and child-power-fantasy themed it might have even worked.

    Also, stories where the /Construct/ is killed appearing so fast would still probably receive a lot of backlash, but getting happy, or at least bittersweet endings would be a good start.

    Also, a Hero, one of the likes Robert(Sage) has written about, but not one who fights and falls winning. One who stands to protect victims and emerges victorious, time and time again. That would be great.

  4. ahh yes I've heard about 'Breaker', and what I'm suggesting isn't quite a mary-sue super power story. I'm saying, that if we all either write our own individual ideas of how it dies, or agree on one between us, then, that will deny him, perhaps not death mind you, but certainly depowered.