Monday, October 25, 2010


It came from another place, it was a predator, a devourer of sapient life.  Its world was dark and ever-changing, its work was cryptic and dangerous.  It found its way from one world to another.  How, one could only speculate, whether it be a returning to a place inhabited long ago, or the mass awakening of a collective beckoned it.  It appeared, and adapted to the world around it to stalk and feed.

Humans, it found, were susceptible to its wiles and charms, most were lured by empathy, others were consumed only after slowly peeling away their sanity a layer at a time, and those few that held strong were chased out into the night with fire, then stalked.

It had entered a city park one night, intent on another meal, when light came down upon it.  Search lights, beacons, and...people.  Some of them held marks that were thought to ward him, others made circles of salt or wrought iron shavings, working together to ensnare it before it could comprehend the trap.

Noone spoke, noone needed to, for the world rejected him now, its survivors forsworn to eliminate him.  Emotions rolled into the foul creature,  the anger of a policeman driven to destroy, the cold intellect of those wishing to analyze for weakness, the cry of vengeance for those lost, and the steadfastness of those who were doggedly pursued for months.  Its power slipped as it stood paralyzed, incomprehension filling it, when suddenly it was gone, shattered into the ether. 

Unmade by those who had wrought it.


  1. So it CAN be fought. Interesting.

  2. Archive binging on the entire mythos... just got the shivers reading this. I wish I was around during these times