Sunday, October 31, 2010


Alright, I admit that I thought my concept to kill our unfriendly neighborhood construct would've taken off a bit more than it did, but I see now that such things can easily be viewed as absurd or untrue.  There's a set series of beliefs we have about construct, and can easily identify things outside of the norm as untruth.  H(a)unting, Scared, and whatever blog that has 'Breaker' in it have those concepts.

Firstly that he communicates, and is nice about it, or that there's two personas about.  While many have speculated that there are multiple constructs, it's widely believed that none of them are 'nice'.  Belief shapes life, so this is untrue.  The "Breaker" story is widely considered a mary sue fairy tale of what how to beat him.  Death of the construct is seen as untrue, thus the story comes off as childish. 

Though I did realize that my attempt to garner widespread belief of 'killing' the construct was just as childish.  Power exists, certainly, but I'm speaking to the dark about how to destroy it.  I am starting to think that no one wants it dead really.  Oh sure we say we want to kill it, but we have such rigid definitions of what it is, what we believe it can do that we won't allow ourselves to say something like, 'Hey, I just threw a banana at him, and it put a hole through him, so get out your fresh fruit and throw it at him."  That's just considered absurd, because we've already proven he's practically invulnerable.

I can't change public belief of him, at least not alone.  I doubt anyone else will either, perhaps we consider  I dunno, maybe that's just me being bitter and irritated at life again.

On a personal note; and this is all true by the way, not some fodder to set myself up in a fictionalized story as a victim, I noticed the chain on my front door was partially out, as if someone tried to force the door open but failed.  The odd thing is, that either they must've circumvented the lock itself to do so, or I forgot to lock the door, but I chained it.  That's a bit scary, I have quite the fear of home invasion ><

I'll try to get it fixed via maintenance asap.  ugh,  now I have to shake off this paranoia before bed else I'll freak out all night.   Typically I just exhale a few times, and envision a protective aura, growing about me, in my room, that expands out to cover my home, forcing out all dark presences.  I can feel it, like, between my shoulderblades as I exhale, sort of a 'venting' feeling. 

Granted, I could just be pretending I'm special as I've lambasted so many before me, but maybe, just maybe there's some truth to it, you know.  I've started to realize that I'm a bit...bipolar, if you haven't noticed by now.  I'm crass and judgmental, and bitter as all hell, but sometimes, I'm just full of positivity and faith in the ability to overcome. 


Just like a coin.  It all comes back to luck, doesn't it?


  1. It comes back to luck, and it comes back to belief. But we can't force belief-- there's too much evidence saying that Tall, Dark and Faceless is invincible to really be able to combat what's true in our own heads. Did that make sense? I don't think that made sense. Sorry.

    What I guess I'm trying to say is that even though human minds made TDF, it doesn't mean we can unmake him. We believe in him too much, and we've seen too much proof to unbelieve. What we need is to recruit some people who are good at denying proof...

    Maybe we can get some hardcore fundamentalist Christians to fight him for us. That should work. (Heh-heh, easy targets. -_-)

    I think Sandra is the key to Slendy's behaviour in Haunting, and I think that despite the belief that there's two, only one exists. It just gets... split up around Sandra. Maybe that's just me being unwilling to consider multiple Tall, Dark Faceless men wandering around.

    Though, in a narrative sense, the more TDF's there are, the easier they are to defeat. Conservation of Ninjitsu and all that.

    Wow this was a long post. I should probably avoid blogging whilst hungry. Ah, well. Valete!

  2. You're spot on actually Jean, I just had to realize that myself yesterday. I can't just say 'oh well we can beat him like this if you trust me.' it's sort of ingrained into us, but I still think we have the inborn ability to remove him. Granted it isn't going to be as easy as I assumed. I have to stay within the plausible bounds of 'accepted' TDF (like the acronym btw) activities and personalities. If I start suggesting that he howls at the moon and likes to wear denim pants, then I lose plausibility by trying to 'shape' him into something else.

    I've got some thinking to do.

  3. addendum: It's sort of fitting though isn't it? TDF is a story brought to life, so far as we know, and each of us sort of tells our own tale by how we react to him, thus continuing the story. Metaphysical and stuff...

  4. Well, I only hope your thinking leads to a fantastic conclusion, zero. Maybe a massive full frontal attack of some sort? I bet if M (of the Tutorial) or Zeke Strahm called for all those followed by TDF to join them in a final battle, with all that's good in the world at stake, blah blah, people would listen. Then it might happen. I was reading through WhiteElephants and AnomalousData, and it really seems that some sort of uniting hero is needed.

    Those EverymanHYBRID guys are trying to kill him, and maybe even if that's just a story, it's still another imaginary life in TDF's back. Every story where people try to kill him we get a little closer.

    Heh, as to your addendum, I was just thinking about that now. I was walking back to my dorm alone in the dark, and thinking that the narrative itself means that TDF is different for each person. For the H(a)unting crew, Slends really can write messages, etc. For most of us, he's a mysterious unknowable son of a shoggoth. That could maybe be why there are discrepancies. Maybe...


    An interesting read if nothing else. It's possible its another 'Breaker' case, but it seems more thought out. If its real you may be able to get some useful information out of this 'Nightcrawler' that I may miss or indeed never even think of. Even if it turns into a false lead the 'rules' created there will still be ingrained into the 'myth' of it and may very well force a weakness or two on it if its written well enough.

    A warning though; if what this person writes is true they aren't to be considered an ally of us Observers or the Fighters merely a convenient tool for creating or exploiting weaknesses in it.

  6. I admit I haven't watched HYBRID or even MH yet. I've 'contented' myself with blogs mostly so far.