Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So Maduin made a remark about what I'm getting into, and it's a valid, and just concern!  I could just walk away from everything, and nothing in my life'd change.  It's safe, secure for me.  It's been that way for all my life really.  I suppose I've never been in a crisis in my entire life.  I've never broken a bone, never had a car accident, nor other misfortune, save one..  This isn't boasting, this is a simple truth about myself. 

So I believe in Luck.  Yeah, it's hard to define sometime, but it's so apparent in my history that I simply have to acknowledge that Luck or Karma, whatever it may be, has looked out for me so far!

Here's my favorite example, and for any skeptics out there, this is the total truth, no hyperbole.  I'll refrain from certain proper nouns just to keep myself somewhat anonymous.

While my mom was pregnant with me, my father worked at a state park, and we lived outside of town.  This was in the late 70's, out in the rural midwest.  At this point in time there was a murderer named D****** that was on the loose, after killing 4 people, with a couple of cronies.  Things were rather intense in the area, my father actually carried a pistol for one of the few times in his life.  One night, in Feburary, I believe, a car stopped out by the driveway of my parent's house, then after about five minutes, sped off.   A day or two later, as the snow started to melt, some firearms were found that were ditched there in the burgeoning snow.  Yep, that was his work, they found a thumbprint on one, got him brought up on charges all properlike.

Here's the interesting part.  He was about to take out another household when he heard on the news, while in the car that one of his victims survived, which caused him to panic, and dispose of the firearms...

So yeah, if that report hadn't of been on right then, that probably would've been very very poor for my family.

Now I intend to counterbalance my luck a bit, since I'm a firm believer in not pressing your luck too much.  I've got very little luck with women, hell I haven't had a date in years.  I know mostly it's due to me being socially awkward, and yet I find the women's company I enjoy most are ones that would date me, yet they disappear from my life.  Not like disappear as in /construct/ abducted, but simply, moved away, or changed jobs before I got phone numbers.  I just recently rediscovered two of them online, and am happy to see they're both married and in good health.  So, unlucky in love, as it were.  but horrible, all things considered.

Last thing I'd like to bring up is an earlier comment I wish to clarify,  talent...or potential. 

Have you ever felt like you were tuned in to something? Like as if you had psychic powers?  Generally I consider such thought, the self-deluded dreaming of a person who wishes they were special  (Answer: They are special, just don't realize it) 

I've got friends who claim they know magic, others who claim they're psychic.  We all like to consider ourselves unique, something to separate us from the rest, it's a way to anchor ourselves from drowning in the sea of masses.  Well, I've had a few psychic moments myself, although I tend to dismiss them as my own cravings for uniquity.  And I started to think, that maybe we all have a little something we tend not to notice in our lives.  Do you have a talent for controlling things just a hair?  Or can wake up right when the alarm is about to go off?  Are these things just habits or is there more to it?

Why is it that when I roll dice, I can feel the dice differently, and I can recognize by that sense alone, when someone else has held certain dice?  I can roll someone's dice and fail miserably at anything, then hold it, concentrate upon the object, then start rolling much, if not perfect, better rolls.   Is that simply luck, or can I control it?

Who is to say about anything like this?  And what does this have to do with our enemy?  Perhaps nothing, but perhaps everything!  If we can harness the same potential that creates nightmares, perhaps we can eliminate them.

Got any talents?  Let me know in the comments section.

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  1. Yeah. I got one or two. Something to do with time. I can, like set a timer walk out of the room and just about always go back into the room just before the time is about to be up. It's a cool little talent.