Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Weekend

I had a fun weekend this week.  Most of the time was with my family, it was good to sit back and not jump at shadows.  One thing I haven't mentioned much lately is that I've always been a bit of a paranoid person, and this started way way before /construct/ appeared on the net.  Probably started because my mother watched a lot of murder mysteries which freaked me out, I still recall some of those supernatural thrillers, and some lame ass psycho tie-in on Murder, She Wrote.  *What an awful show*  Taking a shower still gives me the creeps.

So firstly, no, no sign of him, although I admit I've scanned the treeline on the side of the road occasionally, and I've been drawn to look at public pictures just to see.  Nothing, which is a relief so far.  My luck holds out another week, though it hasn't gotten me any winning McD Monopoly pieces.  Oh well, can't have it all, I'll choose avoidance of persecution by eldtrich enemies over winning free fries anyday.

Anyhoo, update on my personal thoughts.

B on his blog, "What Next?" has come under fire quickly...almost rapidly by /construct/!  He doesn't write very long, and writing doesn't seem to be his strong suit, I suspect he's still not at terms of his life now on the run, and hasn't the experience to handle it.  B, if you read this, remember that the blog serves two purposes, as a stress release and a warning, try to let that guide you.

Robert Sage(Sane) on White Elephants seems to have settled back down, as one of the last Sages left.  I haven't read too much of the other Sages work, though I heard about  Anomalous Data's Sage Jay(Unfortunate)
Part of me wonders if maybe my diatribe on Robert(Sane)'s account helped bring him back down...If so that'd mean that my entire blog reason has had an impact, but I can't be so...impertenant to think that a single comment of assistance can save a man's sanity.

I don't recall any other startling news since my last post, but I do find Omega's work interesting at the Encyclopeida Slenderia.  I have yet to read it but I admit I find Omega a kindred spirit if for no other reason as that we both seem to be seekers of knowledge, and that Omega and Zero are sort of similar concepts.

My thought for the day

Who is A?  And what is A's goal?  Did A actually fight /construct/ in A Lack of Lexicon, or was that someone else?

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