Thursday, November 4, 2010

A stranger, or familiar?

So nothing's been up lately, I've been good, no sightings, no creepy feelings like eyes watching me for a few weeks.  I've been sleeping again, things are good.  I've had a few extra bucks in my pocket, so on the way home after I get off the interstate I got a few dollars out for one of the homeless gents that is always present under the bridge I pass.

I see someone as I stop at the light, that I motion to, with the typical green in my hand, which he noticed of course.  Now, I'm not good with strangers, in fact I always try to remain guarded around them, in fear of being carjacked or robbed.  As he approached, I saw his cardboard sign on the ground.

It had a picture that looked far too similar to tall dark and faceless on it, scrawled on the right side.

As...surprising and alarmed as I had gotten over it, I failed to notice the light change, so I pulled off to the side to let traffic pass.  I was regarded by the three homeless in the area as a curiosity, as I made a brave move to talk to the man I was to deliver charity to.

I may have some of the words wrong, but here's the general context of what happened

Me>>>  Uhm, afternoon
Runner>>> Thank ya, god bless you for the help
Me>>> Well. yeah. i've been okay so I figured i'd return the....uhm
I paused
Me>>> So I noticed your sign here...

it read " Please Help.   F(X)LL(X)ED.  Hungry and Cold"  then with the stick figure next to it.

I didn't notice the symbols at first, so crudely drawn.

Me>>>'re followed...well, I know this sounds funny, but I'm a bit morbidly curious the government?

As I understand it, that's a typical complaint, followed, stalked by the gov't.  Paranoia at its finest.

He shook his head and barked a wry laugh.

Runner>>>  Hell, if it were so easy.
Me>>>   Okay, humor me?
Runner>>>  Ehh, I think you're better off not knowing.
Me>>>   Well that does pique me...I can guess, I bet.  I've heard a lot on the web lately about something that's been....a nuisance.
Runner>>>  I dunno if that's the word for it.
Me>>>   A tall figure?  Dressed in black?

I saw him flinch, which was enough of an acknowledgment as I needed.

Me>>>  So you're on the run from him?  You following the rules then?
Runner>>> ...
Me>>>  Yeah...alright, I get you.  Uhm listen.....I know this seems......reckless of me, since I don't know you from Adam, want a place to crash tonight?  I've got a nice couch and a couple of good blankets.

He looked at me for a moment, then shook his head, "Nah....I wouldn't want to bring you into it."

I told him I understood, and handed off a few more dollars to him, what I could spare at the moment, and headed home.

As I headed home, I wondered if maybe I had met a fellow blogger just then, running from the construct.  I hadn't stopped to ask his name. Was it M?  Perhaps even Zeke down on his luck, or some anonymous stranger who had a story to tell.  I think I'll go see if he's still there tomorrow.

Then I realized that it was in my city....I know he can move, he can teleport, be anywhere, but to know that he's *here*.  Its astounding.  He's in my city somewhere.

A window rattles as the wind passes through, and I nearly get a heart attack as the pizza guy knocks on my door.

Just shadows and noise.

Always shadows and noise.