Saturday, December 4, 2010

Flickering Light

I have to say, perhaps I'm not entirely numb yet, even though I've claimed to be.  B's death has started to affect me a bit more than I had expected, and that entire deal with Nessa lately.  Well I must admit, I'm starting to feel trapped, at the risk of feeding Rika more troll food.  I still have beliefs, I still know that we have to fight him, somehow.  The sheer fact that M believes in his origin via the Tulpa Effect has been reassuring.  It tells me there's a chance that we can fight back soon. 

Yeah the Solstice Event as I call it, that's what I'm really thinking about lately.  I'm starting to get nervous.  I know I've been a bit cocky in the past, even knowing what fate will most likely befall me, but its sinking in. 

Let's say that victims of Slendy don't go to heaven, that he takes their souls.  Certainly there's been more than one thought of that posted.  What will happen to me when he kills me?  I've never been too religious, but I've always had some comfort thinking that there's a Heaven that awaits the truly good people.  I know I've made some nasty mistakes, heck the biggest sin I've ever committed is barely a week old.  But I've always considered myself on the right path, you know?  Trying to be a better me, every day.  I try to appreciate people more and more, try to enjoy the tiny things that I still have.  Like the snow that falls outside my reinforced windows.  Each individual snowflake floats on invisible currents, guided by an unseen hand.

The air is crisp and chill, the perverbial big white blanket tightly hugging the confines of the outdoors, covering all our little imperfections with uniformity and asthetic peace.  I almost feel like sometimes writing poetry relating to my situation, when I get waxing philosophic, but I don't want to have another spot filled in Slender Man Bingo.

Yeah, I heard about that. 

So then I was thinking about something with Maduin, when we were trying to unscramble K-OS' riddles.  (No luck by the way, too cryptic for this poor soul.)   And something we saw was unsettling.

One of K-OS' clues lead to a wiki entry that had religious dogma on it, stating a phrase I've heard before.
I'll paraphrase  :"What you hold true on earth, I will hold true in Heaven."

Can he be there as well?  A cancer in the afterlife.  Can no place in life or death be safe from him, if this is true?  How strong is the Tulpa Effect?  Is it strong enough to incorporate a monster into years of religious belief?  Could it alter the afterlife?

On a personal note,  still alright personally.  I've been trying to keep active, keep my heart rate up.  When I go to confront him on the Solstice, I don't want to be chased down and killed simply because I ate too many cheeseburgers in my life.  Granted I'm not doing anything too life changing, but it does help me relieve some stress.

It's like another layer of life has started to peel away from me today, a dawning realization even deeper of what we face, or run from.  I'm so full of questions, and I have no answers.

also, Shut up Rika


  1. Going to rescue Jeff, what did you do to de-hollow Melody? E-mail me the specifics. ~Rose

  2. ROSE.


  3. The way I see it, Slendy has no sway over where our souls go, especially not with High Powers looking down to us from on High. No, I think that if I am killed by slimjim, I'll still go to heaven as the Lord guaranteed all lambs who accept Him are his and no one else's.

  4. I wouldn't worry about the safety of souls... the Slender Man is a relatively new being (if he is in fact a result of the Tulpa Effect), while the soul has been around eternally, with belief in the immortality of souls (or the spirit, or consciousness, or whatever) being much older and more universal.

    For now, he's most likely limited to physical and mental manipulation, not spiritual.

  5. You've got a good point, Statistician, but I can't help but wonder the point.

    @EE - I don't think GL's cure will help him, he's so far gone, not to mention that a partial cure nearly killed me, I can't imagine what that'd do.

    For all of his...issues, that cure did seem to help at least, though if the recipe really does anything, maybe it was, well...heh, back to that idea of positive thinking than anything special?

    All I know is that I spent a few days in a hospital after having a mad raving seizure of some kind. So maybe there's merit to it after all.

    I'm not sure I believe Jeff's claims of physical changes, after all I've had issues myself recently, but I do think he's fully Hallowed, so EE, might not be a good idea to try to save him. That's your call of course, and I've done stupid arse things myself.

  6. Does anyone know anything about crystal purification?

    Just curious about the concept.

  7. I'm not to into new age spiritualism, but I'll ask my mom what the effects of crystal purification are she is in the know when it comes to stuff of that nature. I've been using some of the techniques reach suggested. I should now have a room that is invisible to slender dork although I have yet to test the theory also I've made a couple of weapons based on the same principle when I get the chance to test them out I'll post about it on my blog and message you about my findings.

  8. I'm an atheist, myself. Sometimes I really want to believe in an afterlife because it seem to give my religious friends a way of dealing with their own mortality, by believing there's something afterwards. I've got no beef with belief, it seems to offer people peace, but I just can't believe in the idea of an afterlife.

    We're all full of questions, Zero, and the fact that some of them don't HAVE answers (i.e. what is the meaning of life, what is our purpose lalala) tortures philosophers all the time. One day we WILL find answers.

    If you don't want to get caught and killed, I would recommend taking up martial arts or dance. Don't look at me like that. /I/ dance. It's exercise.

  9. @Vieve - I'm not certain 2 weeks of anything'll really do a lot of good, however they're also both good stress relief options.

  10. Exercise is exercise, and in any case any kind of stress relief is a good thing. Just make sure you don't dance near any large windows because back when I lived with my parents I used to get funny looks from the neighbours.

  11. uhm not at the moment, Vieve, just saying that he'd give me an odd look too.

    *checks the window* Nope.

    Speaking of him, have you guys noticed, the last few times I've had incidents, others have too?

    Its like everything is being coordinated...

  12. You know, I read my last statement, and I was thinking. Because we're not the first generation exposed to the monster, we are forewarned. Mostly due to M's Tutorial, in showing that you can survive him.

    Sometimes I'm almost overly lax when I see him outside...and I have to wonder, 'what the hell is wrong with me?' But I guess that's how generations work, we adapt.

    People express themselves differently now, there's less people carving operator symbols into their walls or pages of frantic writing, though those still occur.

    I consider people at the end of the ...'core theory' era to be the last of generation two. What will the third round denote?

    I've already seen one instance, of people arrogantly saying they'll kill him if they see him, and how big and tough they are....

    I'm not certain how gen 3 will work out.

    by generation 5, it'll be taken over by those people who are.........attracted to the monster. Talking about saving him from people like me, I guess.

    "an then i sad to slendi i said we have go tot ogo becuse the zeiro is going to get u
    an he said i dot want to die, i am the slendi and i need halp.
    an then we had sxe"


    Yeah, let's not let that happen.

  13. ...Sorry, panicked for a mo' there.

    The bravado in some blogs does worry me. personally if I ran into Slendy I'd probably not bother trying to kill him and instead worry about survival. If I manage to land a hit on him that's just dandy, but I'm not gonna go in with all guns blazing.

    ...I need brain bleach. Copious amount of it. Now. I'm not sure what kind of Ret-conning would be needed to make Slendy into a Draco in Leather Pants, especially since opinions are divided as to whether he has blue/orange morality or is just a complete monster.