Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Zero Hour

That's right.  I made a joke in my last blog title. =D

     So today is a big day for everyone involved, my friends.  It's been a long, strange journey I've been in, these last few weeks, and months.  In retrospect, I can't help but feel amazed at how much has happened to me since September of this year.
     Before I get onto the meat of this post ie: my battle plan, I just want to thank everyone who has visited my blog, for good or for ill.  It's an interesting feeling to know that somewhere out there, people like myself have chosen to read my thoughts, hopes and personal events.  It's an amazing sense.  So, from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you all.

     Now, we get to the battle I'm setting up.  I'm sure I've been overly cryptic about some of this.  I do apologize for that, but as you'll soon see, the need for discretion will be apparent.

First Step

     The first part of the plan is the timing.  You might have heard by now that today has a lunar eclipse, possibly a blood moon!  I can't tell you whether this will have a positive or negative effect on our foe, however it certainly makes the day more special.  When I was being carted via ambulance to St. Vee's, I was apparently in ecstasy, (the religious definition, not the sexual) since I was screaming about the Solstice.  I can only hope that this day, today, does have meaning.

Second Step

     This is where things get tricky.  As you might remember, I've asked some of you to come attend the Solstice with me.  Some of you have volunteered on your own accord.  However, only some of you know where I will be.  I am not going to say who, because this is an important element of the plan.  I will confirm that a few people are coming along for the ride.  I am being mostly vague, because of stage three of my plan.  This is where I give you all some homework.

Third Step

     I've said before, that you are the key to victory.  You always have been.  What I need you all to do is simply write a story about what happens.  It's that simple.  I've given instructions to the people who are attending the Event to elaborate and romanticize the entire deal, to let fantasy add its mark to the fight.  All of you readers who are not attending, I will ask you, as well, to write a story.  Tell in your own words what you think happens.
     So now that I've intentionally shed confusion on most observers, everyone has a more equal amount of credibility for writing.  As I said, some of you said you're coming, but do not have the address I am at.  Some of you, I spoke to but have not alluded to showing.  Others are just reading this now, and have never left their homes.  It's because of this unreliable narrator quality, we can discuss on equal terms what happens.
     Why should you do this for me?  Because this is how we kill the monster.  We, as a blogosphere, discuss, critique, and solidify a story of this Event, enough that we can agree and deem it canon.  It doesn't matter what is true within it or not.  The point is that we progress further into the chain of events, advancing another rung closer to killing the Slender Man.  In a literal sense, I am putting my life on the line, that you readers and bloggers can come together to give a cohesive answer as to the happenings today.

     Before I continue, I'd like to set up the bullet points for this story.
  1. The story must have a protagonist.  It does not need to be me.  I actually encourage you all to create your Hero for this story.  If you must, you may name the Hero, but I strongly suggest you use Amelia's name as often as you use mine.  I do not want this to seem like I am asking for you to give me an overly dramatic heroic last stand.  The Hero is just a stand-in for each of us, nothing more.  I'd also suggest avoiding overly dramatic self-insertion tactics to make yourself be the star of the show.  Writing yourself in as a trite Mary Sue asskicker to 'win' this story will only doom its credibility.
  2.  The Hero fights the monster in an actual battle, not just gets gutted immediately.  This may be less realistic than what will actually happen, but this is a story, and therefore immune to reality as much as the monster is.
  3. I like the idea of the monster getting a wound.  I am hoping that if you guys find something you can all agree to, something you can see happening as canon, then maybe that will affect him as such.  I've got little preference, whether it's a sword slash to the face, or a cut off tentacle.  Whatever, it's your call, not mine.
  4. The Monster does not die.  We cannot kill him with this story, but we can weaken him.  That is the entire point of this exercise.
  5. The Hero disappears in a vague manner.  No need for an unhappy ending, but we can't kill the monster via this story, so we make do with a bittersweet ending of some sort.

     What I am hoping is that we can kick the Tulpa Effect into gear with this gambit.   We manifest our thoughts as one, as you people read each others suggestions of the story, discuss concepts and ideals, then come together to finalize the story as one.  When we discuss things of this nature, and hear of it from other sources, it helps solidify the concept, if not the details.  This is the way we created him, it's the way we hinder him.
     I've outright said that this will not kill the monster.  It will not, but it CAN reduce his strength.  Hopefully to a more tolerable level of evil, one that can be dealt with easier.  I've got a vague idea that perhaps the Hallowed involved have a chance of their control being broken as well.  I'm not as certain about this.  Let's call it a hunch.
     I suppose technically I don't need to even leave my house for this concept to work at its basest form.  However I feel there needs to be a personal attachment to the people writing the story.  If we're not invested in it, it's not going to work.  Plus, if today really has any meaning, I want to personally take advantage of it.

     As for my personal expectations, I plan to confront him within the clearing near where I grew up.  Trees align one side, with a small hill nearby, which is perfect for observing.  Amelia and I will wait for him to appear, with Hallowed or without.  As you might have noticed from my hidden clue, I have some help against proxies.  I am also bringing with me a few meme items.  I'd say I had twenty dollars, but I'm not interested in him leaving me alone.  I'd rather have him stay and end this battle.  So that said, I am bringing a rabbit's foot, my best dice and a monster mask, a concept borrowed from Maduin.   I also hope that I can get one more 'meme' in the battle, for the sole purpose of gallows humor.  Since I have a blade, I'd like to see if the Slender Man can survive being divided by Zero.  =D

     Ha ha, yes another joke.  I do have my stun gun on me, fully charged.  I hope I will have an opportunity to stab him with the blade, then electrocute it with my taser.  I can't guarantee that however.  I've listened to Hosozukuri's gorgeous music, Resolve time and time again.  I can hear it in my mind now, it may not have been meant for me alone, but it has become precious to me.  I never thanked her properly for her music.  I will not get the chance now.

Lastly, I did promise you I would deliver a picture or two before my departure.

My blade.  It's possibly just a piece of crap, but I am endeared to it.  I won a trial of
spirit to win this prize.  I ask for it to guide me through this next trial.

My Mask.  Originally I felt that I was destined for the role of the Warrior, back when
 I believed that our Titles were a grander thing than mere words.  I suppose it wasn't so bad.

I trust in Maduin's belief of a second 'layer' of personality to help guard me from mental attacks.
It also allows me a hair more focus, to accept my fate at his hands.   I cut the eye
holes out further than what you see here, since visibility is paramount.

And so I leave you today.  A man in search of answers he cannot find, with the hope
that one of you will find it for him.  I accept my role as a mere pawn, moving down
the chess board.  A sacrifice against the Black King.  One needed however
for victory.  You'll win this fight, I know it.
Take care, my friends.  Amelia, Maduin, Jeff, Shaun, Robert, EE, SS, Fizzbomb, Vieve, Hoso
and the rest of the crew.



  1. Danny Ocean would be proud of how carefully put-together that plan is.

  2. I'm really glad that my song means something to you. Thank you.

  3. You had to make a Cowboy Bebop reference at the end.

    Didn't you?

    You subtle bastard.

    Stay alive, old friend.
    Stay safe.
    I'll be watching out for you.

    You brave idiot.


  4. I trust in you. I believe in you.
    Adieu, and don't you dare going away without a bang.

  5. I'm tempted to take that crossover pic Compulsory Basket made, and write a narrative around it to fit with the Solstice.... It wouldn't be the most realistic of stories, but the aim would be more towards epic than realism in something like that.

  6. We'll do our best, Zero, since you're doing yours.

  7. I'll try my level best, I have some experience with battles, but it was easy then a simple reiteration of reality of telling what I saw, and did. Now, it's spinning a whole tale from a single thread, honestly I don't think anyone believed a word of it when it was easy. Now, now it's worse we aren't made of unstable particles effected by belief our existence is defined by the very act of living and acting. No matter how 'believable' the cloth made from a single thread, if 'reality' doesn't match with reality the story is eliminated. Those involved, or thought to be involved will have to stitch their mouths shut.

  8. Good luck, zero. I'm rooting for you.

    And if you do return, I'd love to know just what kind of sword that is. The picture is a bit too blurry to make it out well. What's the sword type, and what's it made from?


  9. Good luck, Zero. We'll do our part. Stay as safe as you can.

    Thanks. For everything.

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  11. I'll get working on that. I've been meaning to start a blog about Slenderman anyway (on theories on how to kill it).

    Good luck Zero. Kick some ass for us!


  12. Revenants are on the move. Take note of the advice I gave on dealing with them; they're out for blood.

    Also, good luck, you magnificent bastard.

  13. Here we go: here's the first (as I know of) Battle of the Solstice story: http://slendermanmustdie.blogspot.com/2010/12/zero-hour.html

    It isn't that great, but I hope my attempt will help the cause of stopping The Faceless One.


  14. Another post: http://thescarecrowexperiment.blogspot.com/2010/12/three-hours-25-minutes.html

    Take that effer down, man. We're here for 'ya.

  15. http://exilisveritas.blogspot.com/2010/12/here-goes-nothing.html is Vivi's contribution.

    Divide by Zero. Haha.


  16. Oh Zeroooooo

    This might be a surprise, but I've decided to work on a contribution as well. Currently busy with something atm, but I should have more time soon.

  17. http://liveforvitam.blogspot.com/2010/12/solstice.html is my contribution.

  18. Godspeed. I know I am late, but I somehow survived him earlier, and I am here to continue.

  19. So I, writer-at-heart that I am, have decided to work on a story as well. I've planned to for a long time. I've gotta say, zero (I hope you're still around to read this), I'm surprised. I thought that you were against the Core Theory now, but this story thing...that's what I'd always interpreted the Core Theory to be about.

    Anyway, the story's not going to be done for a while. I'm going to be putting some major effort into this, not throwing it together for speed's sake. Complete with The Hero's Journey and everything. I'm sure it'll still help.


  20. Hello everyone, just making the rounds on the blogs. I created an index for the stories at my blog: http://slendermanmustdie.blogspot.com/2010/12/solstice-story-index.html . I'll post links to the stories as they come. Also, if anyone could comment on that post about the stories, it would be very greatly appreciated.



  21. After action report posted.


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  23. Your Yuletide assault was a frivolous waste of resources. And now you have lost an important, charismatic figurehead of your cause. You will not banish the Slender Man by shooting laser weapons at him, or thinking hard and wishing him away. I would advise those here to read what I have written and researched in my own time if they want to put up a useful resistance against Der Grosse Man.

    "Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near." - Revelation 1:3

  24. People think he is dead. As much as I wish it were. He will be back soon. Not as Slenderman, while maybe as Slenderman. He will become a new monster, for fear has many forms. But in the end all of them meet the same fate, they will die.

    But it is for man and not for God. God is a good guy and real. Man must kill his fear. Until next time.

  25. ...nah, probably not, Paul. Actually, I'd argue that your post is a frivolous waste of resources, because after all that, we still don't know how to kill it. Good job.

  26. I wrote a short epic (epyllion, maybe?) for you. I'm not sure if it'll be any use, but I guess it can't hurt. I hope you did okay and that you are okay. Stay safe.

    Reach out.

  27. Stay alive, you crazy bastard, Zero.

  28. Damn, I posted late, I've had a couple run-ins. I hate posting last on these things.

    Good luck zero, I've been following you for a while, just started my blog recently due to worsening events and the need for similar problems.

    I hope your plan fares better then mine did.

    Good luck to you, stay safe and eyes open.

    There are plenty of people here for you.


  29. this post doesn't make any sense

  30. So, when will the canon discussions start?
    And, by the way, I was thinking of continuing with my Solstice characters, perhaps through a fictional conflict and to a fictional conclusion. Maybe featuring some of YOU. Just throwing that out there. For your thughts on it, comment to my blog: http://pharaohscave.blogspot.com

  31. Come back.
    I'm john.
    Made a connection.
    contact me, all of you.

  32. How interesting of you Joker. Well Zero... if you're alive, good luck.

  33. going backwards from those pictures reveals some interesting things



  35. Goodbye, Zero. I wish we had a chance to meet.

  36. zero, wherever you are, we could certainly use a hand right now.

  37. @Remnant Here's hoping you somehow see this all these weeks later. Do you mind if I ask what you think doesn't make sense here? Because I think you're right, but I'd like to know if we're thinking it for the same reasons.

  38. These comments seem to have become a gravestone.

  39. Fear brings back the monsters of our nightmares. He has begun to take form once more, still very very weak, running... can't post more, I don't really know more right now, keep your eyes open.

  40. I address this to Mr. Strahm, Mr. M, Mr. Maudin, Mr. Zero, and anyone else who will hear me. I cannot message you. I do not know why, but I cannot. This will not let me. I ask my reader to forward this to you, for I can't, and I put my trust in you. Do note that I am putting myself at great risk bringing you this information.

    WEAKNESS (that doesn't matter much...perhaps):

    Around large bodies of moving waters, his powers become suppressed. He cannot even so much as extend a single tentacle. BUT YOU MUST BE ON THE WATER ON A SMALL SHIP. The smaller the better.

    THE WAY TO WEAKEN HIM (have to do to destroy him, without this, there is no hope):

    We all know that he has the power to hypnotise human victims, but how? He puts out this supersonic "frequency." The key to weakening him is to somehow record this frequency reverse it, and play it back at him. He will fall limp and be revealed (not naked, I mean his face and all tentacles). He will be unable to stand and completely at your mercy. For how long, I don't know. This is why the next step must be taken care of before hand.

    THE WAY TO KILL HIM (MAKE SURE to weaken him FIRST. He will kill you, otherwise):

    You need IRON. Wrought iron is still fairly easy to come by. You must make it into a melee weapon. Then someone strong (I recommend Mr. Strahm. He is both strong and brave) must attack him in a very specific way. First, you must sever each tentacle as close to the base as you can. Kick him onto his back, and slice open the right side of his chest. Inside, you will find his large, six-chambered heart. REMOVE IT. Then, slice off his arms and legs, then his head. I know it sounds gruesome, and it sickens me to think of this happening to him...but I know he has to be stopped.


    When he is neutralized, His puppet-proxies' strings will be cut. Those residing here with he and I will be confused. I will rally them to our side and have them fight with the Agents (since they came to him of their own accord). The rest of you should storm HQ then.

    I only ask that when you DO storm the HQ, that you don't kill the freed proxies and myself. We will all be on your side, and they can't help that they were hollowed, just as I can't help that I was taken.

    just a messenger, hope this helps u guys in some way, from the Abducted lady in flowers



  42. Damn, he just jumped into the darkness of the night without a second thought. That's one brave man.

  43. Oh how the Mighty have fallen.

  44. Does anybody know if the poor guy is still out there?

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  46. https://itsbeginningagain.blogspot.com/2018/02/excerpt-from-purgat0ry.html?m=1

    Zero's work has begun appearing again.