Monday, December 6, 2010

Two Weeks

two weeks till the solstice...
two weeks

god help me.

I think I'm having hallucinations.

Just two hours ago, here I am in my little bunker I set up...yeah I'm back there. and water starts collecting on the ceiling.  No big deal, except that the ceiling is supposed to be full stone.  There's A/C and vents up there, but it's dripping from nowhere.  I pay it little mind since it's just wet, but not dripping.  Hour and a half ago, it gets larger, and I notice it has an unusual shape.  It's collected with smooth edges, kind of hard to see with real water droplets, but it's not really adhering to the ceiling, making it darker in color, it's just...there.

I guardedly examine it further, my sword nearby, just in case.  After a few minutes of headrush from staring at the ceiling, I come to the conclusion, that, that it's forming the shape of an operator symbol.  I gather my stuff, my heart races as I watch it slowly form.  My sword is out, as I sit in the corner, watching.  A slow dread creeps over me.  Sometime after that, I heard a scratching sound

The stone peeled back as if paper, ripped by clawed hands, deluging the room with foul water, with putrid vegetation in it.  Things...I don't know what, green humanoid things rose up from it, on four legs and made screeching sounds at me.  I prepared for a fight, wishing I had a spear, to keep them at bay.  They advanced, the faceless mouthed things that...i really don't know what

They attacked, I fought.  I got hit, clawed.  I'd hit at them, and they'd split into water, just...just water

I stayed in the corner, and tried, and I got bit by one of them, and then they stopped.

I didn't see the Slenderman enter the room, he was just...just fuckin there.

My heart literally stopped, I

I don't know.  He came for me right then, and all my hope was gone.  I didn't see monsters, I didn't see anything but him, and he was everywhere.  before me.

it leaned in, i self dying...i couldn't feel my heart
no blood, no blood no life

I slumped down into the corner, helpless.

I felt myself move.

and then

i don't know

I found myself outside, near the fucking treeline, hanging from a tree branch.
my sword next to me.

i need this to end soon.


  1. Oh Zero. I'm so sorry.

    A friend of mine once told me an incredibly morbid cure for hallucinations (at least he said it was a cure). You carve a symbol onto your skin (his personal favourite was an anarchy symbol) and keep checking it when you know you're awake. If it's not there, you're hallucinating. It's a creepy way to go about making sure you're awake, but he said it worked for him. I'm sure writing on the back of your hand with a pen or getting a tattoo would work as well...

    It's going to end soon. The solstice, right?

  2. Jesus Christ, Zero. Two weeks, man. You can last that long.

  3. Two weeks, Zero. Two more weeks until the Solstice. We can make it through this. You just need to try and stay as sane as you can until then.

    It seems like Slendy's going back to scare tactics, the same sort of thing he's used in the older blogs. Trying to make us lose morale before the Solstice...

  4. I'll find you guys some sort of weakness to attack. I'm on the verge of a break through I can feel it.

  5. Don't Delude yourself, Will!

  6. It all comes back to this, doesn't it?

    Is there hope for us or not?

  7. Crap, Zero. That sounds like one hell of an illusion, if it was one. Good luck and stay safe.

  8. always hope, always hope, N.

    there's an awful lot of bullshit out there, a lot of evil

    but there's good too, it's buried


    because good is humble, real good is unseen

    that's why you can't see it, but it's there man
    I've seen it
    i've seen miracles
    and I know there's hope

    and my hope, is to survive just long enough to do my job.

  9. ...I have nothing to say to that other than "Amen, bro". There's hope everywhere, you just have to look hard enough for it.

  10. I'm not deluding myself I think that there is an actual logical explanation. To think that this bastard was created from our minds vie some sort greater human consciousness is delusional. He has proven time and time again that he is corporeal. If we can determine what he is made out of we can form a successful plan of attack. You were right zero we need to be more realistic.

  11. I haven't actually ruled out the Tulpa effect, M seems to think its real, so it's at least worth keeping in mind. I had some nifty ideas back in the day of his composition. I look forward to my field research on that.

  12. also, when I speak of realism, I talk about personal realism, our strengths and capabilities. It's hard to put a monster into realistic terms.

    I also may be a bit overly wary against fantastic ideas due to my own personal experiences.

  13. Jean's (friend's) suggestion has some merit. Injuries we obtain in real life are often ignored in our dreams, like a man paralyzed from the waist down being able to walk around, or in this case scars, bruises and such not being carried over into the dream world. Extreme hallucinations shouldn't be too different, except you should have a much better chance of being lucid during your time awake than if you were unconscious. I'm not telling you to harm yourself, but I am saying that you could benefit from doing so.
    If you're going to do it, don't make a ceremony out of it or anything, else it'll be retained in your memory while out of your mind as well as in. Do make a habit of checking it when you can remember, so it will actually be useful when it's needed. Uh, I guess that's all I have to say. Just don't die or anything like that.

  14. Found your little bunker Zero. I let me in. It's cold outside. All I want is to have a little chat. Let me in Zero.

  15. You just never learn. Don't you get it? Get out of the place for a while, zero. Go into town and get a hotel for a night or two. Just get away from there. Its obvious that His presence is taking root, deeply, in your home. You need to just go somewhere he's followed you before to lose Him and clear your head. I'm not saying you should Run, but get out of that house or whatever for a while.

  16. Offer's always open Zero.
    Robbie just got invited to an office Christmas party.
    He's a little stressed, but it's the holidays, what are you gonna do eh?
    He's happy, boring, and safe.

    All things you can be Zero.

    All you have to do, all that I need, the only thing you have to do to get your life back,

    is say...


    - Redlight

  17. And what guarantee do we have that Robert will remain safe, boring, and happy?

  18. @Roninator - It's assured, because I know what Redlight wants. Also, I have moved a few times so far, guess it's time to move further again...the place reeks like a swamp.

  19. @ Redlight I'm so not going to miss out on this much adventure. So... >:P ~Rose

  20. EE, you're an idiot, acting like this is some kind of goddamn grand adventure.

  21. Sorry Red, but while Safe and Happy are valid arguments, Boring is out of the question. Also, I hate your guts.
    Of course this is only my reply, but I also feel Zero won't agree so easily.

    Also, Zero, could you draw those "faceless, mouthed creatures" or find a close enough approximation and link it?

  22. Guess who's back guys?



    Go suck a dick, Lost.

  23. Jeff, no gaybashing. I know yours wasn't explicitly anti-homosexuality, it's borderline. Please don't do that.

    @Maduin as for the things, I dunno. Humanoid, walked on four legs, full head, but no face, just a mouth, a little bit more mouth than we have, don't know if they had like webbed feet, cuz of the water. Sort of a pale green, maybe yellow. I might try to draw one later, but I don't have a scanner anymore so I might have trouble uploading it.

  24. Sorry Zero.

    I'm not trying to be offensive.
    (Sorry to anyone just in case.)

    I'm just finding the proper way to tell Lost here to get out of my head.


    I'm not listening.


    Like what?

    We share a body, Lost.

    Bring it on.


    I can't gaybash.
    I am gay.

    And damn, what did I miss?
    Little green monsters?
    Good luck, Zero.
    I know you'll get through this.

  25. well yeah, that's true, dude. however some others might not know that. Just saying.

    I've also recently been informed that Slendy and the Agents....(which is a good name for a rock band) are also equal opportunity nightmare and trolls, respectively.

    Nice to have good equality on the web, isn't it?

  26. The agents are building some kind of structure...

  27. Zero, if you have a camera you can draw a picture and then photograph the drawing. Low quality but hey, it works.

  28. Three days!
    Three days!
    ▲ ▲
    Sorry, I couldn't resist it.

    Also, what you write here makes me wish hypnocil really existed.

  29. i have no idea what you're talking about, pete.

  30. the solstice didn't help. when the source was dead there wasn't much left to do. not even the sign helped.

  31. Goddamn, I want to do something! I can't stand to read any more of these silently.

    What can I do to help?

  32. Just believe in the cause, Slice.
    Believe in the ones who can set this right.
    And I am not going to quote Gurren Lagann at this point.


    What, I actually like Utada Hikaru?


    Don't be such a baby, Lost.

    See you on the Solstice, Zero.


  33. No offense to you or your group, Zero.
    But I think it's a trap.

    The solstice isn't going to be some grand stand against the guy, or his puppets. It's going to be him calling you out of the woodwork so he can reap all of you into his "loving" arms.

    All in one magical winter night.

    The tall guy isn't dumb. Regardless of what everyone else seems to think. I've seen his horrid genius firsthand.

    I'm just going to keep sitting in the background, where I can control the situation. No more walking into Daddy's arms. THINK.

  34. I want to help. I want to help...

    I believe in you guys but I don't want any more broken people. I agree that without a Hero, a real plan, the solsitce seems like a death-trap. I understand you are suffering (I guess I really don't I'm not infected) but you are a hope, man. If lights keep going out, the world will be dark.

    We need Light.

  35. @Shiloh - I have no misgivings that the Solstice will not turn out well for me. That said, I have a few things that will ensure a step in the right direction for us. Even it's an absolutely one sided fight against me, it doesn't matter. That's the best part of my plan.

    @Slice - Firstly, this isn't about titles or destiny or any of that stuff. This is something else entirely. I admit, I'm sort morbid as it may seem, sort of looking forward to it, to put an end to my issues. That said, there's still hope out here. That's the word you mean, hope, not light, even if you wish to wax philosophical with me. Granted, I can tell my time's about done here. Look around, see how the blogosphere all changes. Sure it needs a boot in the ass occasionally to ensure we're staying on track, but it's shifting.

    Want proof? Look at my talk about Generations a post back or so. We're changing how we deal with him.

    @Jeff/whoeverthefuckelseisinthere - Your posts hurt my head.

  36. Wasted Majora's Mask reference then :(
    ▲ ▲

    The "hero" idea doesn't sound that bad. Well, except for the individual who actually performs the heroism - dying to stop the moster.

    Zero, keep the optimism, it might help us. Let's survive this - you included!

  37. @Pete ahh I see now, never played it, my roommate did, was huge on that game.

  38. Sorry about that Zero.

    I'm just trying to get the tall, dark little Slendy puppet out of my head.

    And he types sometimes.

    Good thing he's asleep.

    Or, well possibly angry.

    Kept up a marathon of really annoying tunes to try and get him to leave.

    Besides, not to break the mood.
    But I'm back!

    And yes, I know that optimism is in short supply recently.

    But yeah, I managed to luck out.
    Apparently I'm still in my head.

    It's just that Lost is in here too.

    And well, crap.

    My right hand is acting up again.

    I'll see you guys later.

    Gotta practice keeping in control.