Thursday, December 9, 2010

Surrealism at its finest

As I sit here, at Wheeler Mission, which I did not expect to have Wi-Fi.  I took a good look around me a bit ago.  It's not quite the desolate place one'd expect of a shelter for those who are homeless...or those on the run from monsters.

I've been quietly playing with Nessa's phone, browsing the web through it.  I've got a charger for it, so no worries there.  However it's Tourette's inducing cold outside, even with both of my great coats on, it's still uncomfortable.  And by Tourette's, I mean that when the wind picks up and you're hustling inside, you unconsciously scream out something akin to, "FUCK, IT'S COLD!"    So now that I've explained the joke that didn't need it, I'll pick up with my activities lately.

First, yes indeed, I have been trolling the blogs lately.  It's my way to unwind, and somewhat comforting to have companions in all this mess.  Granted, I would rather you all weren't in this bind with me, but if you weren't, I couldn't talk to you about it, could I?

Been looking around the people here...too many damn kids out here.  Sort of scared that he'll show and want a few of them, so   vigilance, i guess.  Anyway, no sign of that Runner I saw before, no operator symbols either.  The bite mark on my leg is healing.

oh right, that shit...

I was wanting to draw one of those things for you, Maduin, like you asked.'s not happening.

I keep drawing one and having issues with it.  It's like the shit is coming off the page at me when I draw it.  Just dissipates when I hit it, but...well I don't want to draw it.  I did doodle some slendy pics the other day, while i was bored.  didn't really seem to do anything for or against me, in terms of sanity.  So, that's a no go for me.  I think maybe since he's got different tactics for people, maybe he wants something different for all of us?  The ones he wants to take, he slowly gives them the ole mindscrew.  Those of us who run, either get him on our tail, or agents.  

Just a thought.

Also, I'm worried Amelia....fuck I almost said nessa...then melody.   It's getting hard to remember names sometimes.  I'm worried Amelia's not going to get here in time.  I wish she'd let me know whats up.  Granted, i'm hanging out in a shelter, so it's not that great of a thing to have her here yet, but i'd rather have her around.  It's been very comforting to talk to her, as little as we have.  Nice to know I can rely on a few people.  You know?  

And yes I know half of you are going to post that I can rely on you guys too.  Thanks, Jean, Vieve, EE, and Jeff, and whomever else.  :D

Though i can't trust any of you corrupted guys.  I can't get hurt like that again.

Fat guy over here's taking way too much interest in my typing.  Better not have to taze fatty to keep him off me.  that's right fat boy, i'm talking to you.

and he's gone. good.

Oh, right the post title.

So after a hard day of being chased by whatever the fuck those things are.  You know, i think i'll just call em green things, bastards need a name.  Anyway...I was thinking about the real death of the monster, you know?

We've talked about this before, you and I.  And I said that we won't kill him till all the vlogs and stuff get shut down, which might not be the case now that I think about it.

I'll put this in terms of you guys who think this is a fun little game we play, because i'd rather you keep thinking of it like that.

okay, let's say we made this as a game.  which you know, it was at the start.  SA forums, or w/e,  never really been there.  Okay so we make up these fucked up stories about the monster, and it takes off.  Then boom, he's real.  Tulpa effect for the loss.

Now for those people who see this as a game, might think that some of this shit is stupid as hell.  the magic powers, the small armies and the action movie logs.  Right.  I find some of that hard to believe too, but this is the world in which we live, unless we're fucking hallucinating again.  which i am not.  currently.

so anyhoo, the guys...fuck, i'll call them gamers, even though i am one.  The gamers see our posts and call BS on it.  Which i would too if it weren't real.  but really that's the way to kill the monster, i think.  We destroy 'the game'.  As stupid as that sounds, yes, maybe we need to mock and goof around with the idea of being stalked by a murderous alien psychopath, until it becomes cliche, and lame. 

So, for the outsiders point of view.  we're playing a game, we want to win by not having to play the game, but can't give up.  So we dilute the game to the point that it's not fun for anyone, becomes old and trite, and it's not a game anymore.

surreal shit, guys.  think about it.

ANd why the fuck is the wall rattling like that, there's no train near here.


  1. I don't know if I can do that.

    Really, that's just no fun.

  2. We need to come up with some kind of Tulpa-powered weapon, I think. Something that's powered by the belief of others.

    Now THAT sounds like some kind of sc-fi crap, but I seriously think it's our best bet. If our combined belief can make him flesh, then it can also rend and destroy that flesh.

  3. As someone who actually has a mild case of Tourette's, I feel justified in saying that TOURETTE'S DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY! GOODNIGHT!

    And gawd, hard to tell what's real anymore. I honestly can't tell if it's a game or not anymore.


  4. @Slenderbloggins - fair enough, bloggins. I can't say i know anything really about Tourette's. Not meant to insult, just a humorous way to describe the weather.

    Now that I think about it, the only guy I've seen that had Tourette's, was banging on a computer monitor as he sat. Didn't say a single unkind word. well, the more you know.

    I can call it curseword cold if you like?

    @Hosozukuri - You're scaring me, you sweet girl. You've fallen into the pit with the rest of us. I'm truly sorry for that.

    also, wall shaking was nothing, just startled me.

  5. @zero Nah, it's fine. I know that it's used as a joke, and I've got no problem with that. But now you know. And knowing is half the battle!

    @The Statistician That's sort of what I'm attempting to do. Come up with a weapon that enough people believe would work that the Tulpa Effect rubs off on it as well. See the second part of this post:

  6. Best of Luck to you Zero.
    You know we all have your back.
    Also, Gamers?
    It sounds like we're in some alternate reality.

    Well, I do know kung fu.

    Lost is cooking something big up.

    And Fallen is a little edgier than usual.

    Do you think it has something to do with the structure that Rose mentioned?

    Or it could be the Solstice.

    Either way, what do you think?

  7. @Jeff: I'm not the only martial artist here. Huzzah! (did karate until her dojo shut down when she was a brown belt 1st kyu.)

    Give me a day or so so come up with a name for those green nasties. They do need a name in case they turn up again.

  8. @ Viv and Jeff: Huzzah! More martial artists! I do hipster obscure stuff, Kuk Sool Won and Wing Tchun. *High Five*

    @ This post: I'm still a little edgy about the Tulpa effect. But it's our best hope. Green Nasties= Grinches in my mind, but that might be because everyone in my dorm is watching the Grinch who stole Christmas really loud through my wall. But hey, calling them that might make them sillier for you. What was rattling against your wall?

  9. @All - In retrospect, the surrealism in my earlier comment isn't as bad as I had thought. For things still need to be believed to be considered canon.

  10. Zero, please to talk to J.
    He's going nuts.
    He created something that almost killed Rose.

    I already killed it.
    But the thing is, if he can make that thing, he can make another.

    Please talk some sense into him.

  11. Firstly, J has the attitude of a twelve year old who was upset he didn't see the monster, and when I told him that he shouldn't be such a braggart, he joined the FUCKING AGENTS.

    Something you should know something about, eh Jeff?

    I would say I should question what remaining sanity either of you have, but with you singing christmas carols, and his weirdness. I think it's apparent.

    This is just what your madness looks like, Jeff, his as well. You two will burn yourselves out and either go braindead or not. Nothing more to say on the issue.

    On the other hand, maybe you two are way into that concept I posted above....

  12. Hey, you know why I did this.
    You know why I got Hallowed.
    It was for Nessa.
    It was for all of Us.

    I did this to help all of us.

    Zero, I asked you to trust me.
    Before I did all of this, I told you what I was going to do.

    So you have no right to call me out on it.

    Also, J isn't hallowed.

    I would have known about it.


  13. I told you that I could not trust you the moment you became corrupted, so you've got no right to call ME out.

    I like to think there's some elements of you really in there, but you're not the same person you were before this all happened.

    Hell, you might not clinically be alive, if that moniker you use, "Revenant" is accurate.

    These chants, these 'monster creations' I read about. Just more crap trying to mess with my head before the Solstice. I told you, I'm done with that stuff.

    I will admit that Rose did mention a 'gas mask' person out to get her, but for someone to insinuate that this person was conjured out of the ethers by instant monster creation, is fucking ludicrous.

    Take care of what's left of yourself Jeff.

  14. also

    ***quoted from***

    m tired of it you friking nobodies.i'm done with this more of me sticking on the,i won't.but wait,theres a twist! Oh no i don't wanna be a good guy.i guess i'm to much of a (EXPLETIVE DELETED) because some asshole named N(fucking letters i swear to god)tryed to say i didn't know come on then,i'm practiclly giving myself up.i'd make a good,come on then.i'm getting to the bottom of this slender man fucking crap.

    So come and get me.

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  16. Games never end. That is the simple and sad truth to this matter, may it be five or ten years after the creature is killed (yes I believe we can beat it and I believe it will happen)some new people who think this is all a game will come back and think "hey this looked big a while back let's make some video's and ignore all the warnings". Then the monster will come once more.

    So what we need to do is focus on this battle, make sure we beat it now so we can have at least a few years (or months if we are really unlucky) of peace. But the attack has to be almost without fear, people have to do this smart, but stupid at the same time. The monster feeds off fear, gains power by it. I don't know how, but find a way to laugh through the pain. This has been a Joker service announcement till next time (x)Fear all evil, and than laugh at it(x)

  17. Bullshit, Jeff. You got Hallowed because of your own selfishness. You wanted to see Nessa again. You figured out how you could help later.

  18. @Joker - if we do kill it, and it does return, these blogs will be a mile marker, to help others learn how to stop him.

    I sort of like that thought.

  19. @zero- Glad to give you a happy thought, good luck in your continued survival. Hope I get to see the monster knocked down. Just remember if you believe he is a thought form don't show fear in the blitz but rather pour in positive feelings, bravery and all that crap. If you believe he is a demon, than kill the shit out of him with anything that is said to effect the bastards.

    Till next time (x)Fear is good if it keeps you alive, it becomes bad once you stop moving (x)

  20. This isn't me zero...i know me..i'm going crazy...please zero i don't know what to do anymore..i swear these monsters are real.i created the man in the gasmask..yeah.truthfully.

    Upon creation of vile,i made a drawing of to him i made a crude drawing of a man with his eyes that were x's,and his nose was higher/lower then it was suppoused to be.that's what a man with a gasmask looks like,rose said it was from WWII.this isn't me zero...i'm going crazy,you gotta help me before i create something that might come after you..i can't control it urgesare not me

  21. You know nothing of Jeff, N.

    And Zero.

    Why did you have to drive Jeff into this state?

    He was your friend.
    He was your brother in arms.

    And now, he is under my care.
    I am not going to go after you, as per his request.

    He is losing himself, Zero.
    And it is your fault.

    -The Fallen

  22. You're the one who's losing his mind, Zero.
    By the way, Nice job breaking it Hero. Jeff is in a catatonic state right now. ~Rose

  23. I feel that that was my fault...I was the one who clarified what I thought Zero meant. I'm so, so sorry.

  24. I just thought of something.

    Our Mutual Acquaintance can travel through time, right?

    If we kill him, that's no garuntee he won't be around for a while, still hunting, still killing, for who knows how long. Up until the very moment he's killed.

    Please, tell me I'm wrong.

  25. so you're all upset that I forced someone that got Hallowed intentionally, to do some introspection about who he really is, eh?

    He's Hallowed, people. he's the enemy. You can't trust him or Reach, even if it's nice to pretend that they've got some of their original personalities. We can't trust anything that comes from their mouths. Did Nessa teach you all nothing?

  26. I got the message nice clear over here, however that does not mean that they have no useful intelligence on slender man. We just have to be careful and take what they with a grain of salt until it proves true through observation. I have some results from the samples I sent out if you'd like to give them a read. Hopefully someone is able to pull something useful out of the information I've obtained. Honestly though it leaves me with more questions than answers.

  27. It always does, Will.

    And yes you are correct about their info having some use. That is the main reason I have been so civil to Reach.

    Also, I will admit I am relieved that Jeff's conscious.

    Somewhere in that body is a good and noble soul. I would not wish a catatonic death upon him, no matter what has happened to him recently.

  28. Agreed. Have you heard anything from Amelia? It's been awhile since I've last heard from her. She mentioned in her blog that she was on her way to meet up with you so I thought I'd ask.

  29. Also zero you asked where I found out what Ferro Fluids are I've got the link of the article I read about it on. Read awhile ago only remembered it because I was surfing the site the day I had the epiphany.

    I know it's comedy web site, but the material's listed are real.

  30. @Will - word from Amelia. She was supposed to call/email me when she got close, then I'd go meet her.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. @Slice - apologies for the delayed comment. For some reason it picked you up as spam. I didn't notice.

    I'm not too sure about time travel. It's quite hard to speculate about such things.