Monday, December 13, 2010


I push my hands unto the wall to steady myself, to keep myself at ease.  My legs grow numb, and my health fades.  My stomach curls up into itself ready to devour me from the inside, lest I eat.  As I stand and ponder, gazing out over the unfortunate...the other unfortunates during this cold, bitter season, I close my eyes.

My feet are cold, numbed.  Should've bought new boots.  And as I wait for a meal to arrive, i feel my hands sink into the stone, like putty or gelatin.  I stare in marvel at the oddity as my body starts to meld into the stone.  I cannot shift my weight away, I am not being pulled.  I am simply falling. 

When my face touches the stone, it molds around me, capturing my breath.  I cannot breathe here.  My scrapes and wounds from the fights I've been in throb.  The bites on my legs.  My head aches, and face.  A knife is stabbed into my ribs, if I did not know better.  And I do not.  I am blind, unable to move, but only to feel.  My lungs burn, as I gasp for breath.  I cannot see but I know my sight dims again.  Blood...My blood is frozen.  I can feel it again.

The world fades, my vision narrows, and a rushing sound fills my ears.  I feel myself shift, my legs buckle and I move.  I do not know how.  I fall and see light, air hesitantly tests my lungs as I find myself on the floor, gazing at a ceiling.

I am asked if I need help.  I do not know the answer.  I feel a great weight upon me, still crushing me, like a mantle made of lead.

I look for the adversary, and do not see him.  I do not see his work.  I only see the unfortunates.  I should not let bad things happen to them.  I do not know if I can.


  1. Zero whats going on has something happened? Are you okay?

  2. You've come far, don't die on us now.

  3. Slenderman is doing what he does best. He is trying to take someone many people look at for strength, and than crushing him slowly. All we can really hope is that he can make it to the solstice. There we will battle him, in either lose or victory, this will end.

  4. You can't die now!

    I'm writing a song for you! You're not allowed to even THINK about dying until you've heard it.

    You better not.

  5. I'm not dead...just been...been rough today.

    Part of that post was because my hypoglycemia's being a bitch lately.

    Thank you for your concern. All this normal stuff and this crap with B...i just don't know today.

    I'm finding a cot and turning in.

    Take care all

    @Joker - and what do you plan to do then?

  6. Sorry if this sounds like I'm disregarding your problems, but:

    Good writing, man.

    Also, don't let go, you've got a job to do. We all do.

  7. Zero, stay strong, please. We all believe in you.

    only a few more days till the Solstice...

  8. looks like we're getting more "s00per power pew pew pew" people writing again....

    Oh well, as impossible to believe as it is, it does help make the monster a joke, and thus helps kill him. I *guess* it's a good thing, even if delusion weakens your resolve.

  9. no sense naming names, I'll let them be. I've tried to bring them back, but those guys are gone, gone, gone. I've only got a week left till the Solstice anyway...

  10. Zero...who will tell us of your battle if no one knows where/what it is? Will you return with your story?

  11. Some stories are best left untold, some songs best left unsung. That's what got us into this ugly mess, remember?

  12. @Slice - well, I have something set up for that. Trust me. However it is not set up to make me a vainglorious combatant, desperately fighting for the fate of the world. I'll explain more soon.