Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Solstice Looms/Clarion Call

edit: Whole theory is corrupted, still planning on attempting the Solstice event on the grounds of that my life is a fucking joke, and I'd rather die testing him for vulnerabilities on lunar events than to live another month, wallowing in my own despair.

The Solstice comes soon, it will be a powerful night.  Who will stand with me and fight the Slender Man on that night?  I won't wait for him any longer.

It's been said before

Omega inspired me to announce my plan, seeing his picture of an epic confrontation.  Us, as many of us who blog, to band together, and rise as one, slay the monster.

Marble Hornets hasn't responded to my thoughts.  Why should they?  I'm noone to them.  It's alright, I'll fight him alone if I must, but I won't stand down against him, won't stand on the sidelines.

If you really...really...are willing to fight.  Maybe we can do some damage.

I'm real tired,  just dreaming of a future where we can end our tale happily.

I mean, what will we accomplish at best?  Can we kill him?  Others will still tell his tale, either in jest or sincerity.  Youtube documentation won't cease because I tell you I put a sword into him.  You wouldn't believe me, would you?  I wouldn't believe it either I think.  We see him as invincible.

but we can lessen him.  maybe we'll never kill him per se.  but maybe we can reduce him to a shadow of himself, less powerful, less scary.

Zeke started it

Robert showed us

edit: Robert's a fucking joke, twice as insane as I could ever be.  I wish him well in his new life, may he live a life happy and full of personal joy.       fucking crying again. 

we're taking him down pegs at a time. and we have another chance coming up

guardians, sages, heroes, warriors.  titles have strength, but must we fail without a hero?

Cannot a sage or a guardian do some damage alone?

duel the monster with a katana, iaijutsu style.   oh if I had the skill.

really tired tonight, it's not me going crazy, don't worry my friends.

but I did decide, yeah...i'm going to do some work soon, be prepared, okay?

I I think he'll be vulnerable that night for a reason.  Greenlight mentioned it,  halloween and the Solstice

he'll be vulnerable because he'll be *here*

you know, more physically here than ever before.  That means two things guys.

First, he won't need to break us down mentally to attack us, to kill us.  He's like Freddy you see.  Has to work us down for the most part.  Granted this is not always the case, but it's really hard to know his target's sanity beforehand.

Secondly, this means he'll be vulnerable to us.  Maybe he'll still shrug off bullets, or my sword, but he'll be able to suffer this damage a lot more than ever before, without having to have ectoplasm to fight him back.

it is an opportunity that's rare to get.

who wants to kill a slender man?  Tickets going on sale.

don't say you will do this, if you don't mean it.

good night all, just barking in the dark again.  Nothing bad.

you're my heroes, you know.

probably telling you things that we don't need to discuss, but

total disclosure, my first of two promises

never give in, never get taken, my second promise

tomorrow starts a new quest, and maybe a stun gun too...electricity.

ectoplasm conducts it

it'll help zap agents too, less lethal, better in general.  maybe we'll save some of them


goodnight all. sweet dreams

i'll think of you, you don't need to think of me though,  less you think of me and him, the better you are

never bow, never break, never give, always take,
you monster, you tool, i'm your sage, you're my fool
you spread your lies, spread your madness, clean your mess, rid your sadness
i'll not bow to you
you're just another fake
death comes, so true
never another soul to take

I can't let you win, you won't let me be
sages and monsters, finally my destiny, clear, before me

but where will we go next
who rises to be our knight
don't you all see
the hero is right
before you
it is


it's always been you
every last one of you
we are our own heroes, guys
face that fact

we always have had the power to fight for ourselves, haven't we?

its funny to think of it like that

we sort of kill ourselves a little if we kill him, he's us you know, our worst side.

can you kill your hate,  certainly cant love it

1 am, 36 hours without sleep, so tired now, i'll see you all later

good night, take care my family.  i'll keep you safe, I promise

forever, i promise, i'm always here, even when you don't see me

my third promise now.

i'll fight him for you, may not win, but i won't let him get to you anymore

well, as many as i can save.  maybe everyone someday

so grand to consider

good night


  1. I'll stand and fight with you on the solstice. Let It come. Let all of Its Agents come. I may not be strong or fast or tough, but It can't crush my will. My hope sustains me.

    ...Sleep well, zero. Angels on your pillow, as my grandmother says. "May there always be angels to watch over you, to guard you each step of the way."

  2. Heroic last stands are NEVER as Glorious or noble in real life as they are in the stories.

    This narritive shall not end so easily.

    You intend to stand shoulder to shoulder against the hoard? Can he truely be goaded in such a way? Is he aware of his own weakness?

  3. I'm pretty sure I can't come to Indiana for this. Depends... When does the solstice start?

  4. I would fight, but someone has to play defense.

    -Mother Bear

  5. Zero, I always did count you to be the wisest one of them all. And you affirm my opinion of you with each post you make.

    But this.....This Solstice grand finale is a fools errand.

    Sleep. Wake. Eat. Plan.

    And Remember.

    They all look up to you.

  6. Taking a leaf from Jean's book;

    Vos quisnam es paratus morior ; EGO tutus vos.

    (Sorry if my Latin is off, I haven't studied it in a good twenty years.)

    If this stand is as big as you want it to be, I could be called out of my hiding place to assist. Until recently, I would have been shivering with anticipation at the thought of such a glorious slaughter but now...

    If I am called out, I can't guarantee that I will be able to resist his will but I will try. Godspeed, Zero, godspeed.

  7. The longest night approaches, and with it our greatest chance and our greatest threat. This Fool supposes even he'll be in danger then if it doesn't decide to show up before then. Indeed all who have escaped its sight until then for whatever reason may suddenly find themselves face to whatever with our enemy. December 21st, it probably won't be the end of this tale, but it'll make a damn fine denouement for the first year of battle. I(Fool) probably won't make it to Indiana, but, I'll be cheering you(Sage) and the other Fighters on, best of luck everyone.

  8. wow I really was rambling last night, I suppose I could edit this or take it down, but whatever.

    I don't really expect you guys to help me in any sort of showdown, yeah...probably not nearly as heroic as it sounded. heh

    wtf did I burst into song there for a bit? O.o

  9. @Reach you surprise me again. You must be in your non-puppet state today.

    @Battery Thank you for your partial compliment, though Maduin's really got a lot more insight than I do. I just seem to have a knack to put things together. Yeah, kinda funny though, I mean I'm being looked up to nowadays. Every bit of advice I've given has either been exploiting unique instances in each person's run, or just outright denial of fear.

  10. In the grand tradition of MS Paint Adventures, I hereby decree that Reach, Battery, Empty Eyes, SuspendedSerenity (on a bad day), K-OS and Eyes Open to be Exalted Grand masters in

  11. I might not be able to go backhand Slim Jim right next to you, but if there's any deadheads in the area, I'll make sure to cull the herd some. ;) My back can take it, I've got an entire week off work to recuperate.

  12. December 21st? I won't be coming then, I'll be in Florida. Apologies, but I've previous arrangements to which I must cleave, as I'm a man of my word. However, it's a full moon today, so cast your spells. It'll be full on the 21st of December too; perhaps we could use this to our advantage. If not for spells, then perhaps more practical things. If anyone's been out at night or early morning with a full moon out at all, they'd know how bright it is. Maybe we could ambush them for a change, identifying them from the shadows of the Solstice Moon and coming from behind to drag them in. They're human still, you know. Perhaps we can hold them for a few days to heal them, keep them from the slim bastard. Don't they Turn back once they've been separated from it for a while?

    Like Nessa says, someone has to play defense; looks like I'll be doing that this year. And if it doesn't end this year, there's always another Solstice. I will fight then.

  13. I dunno Zero, I think you're kind of cool now for simply mentioning that.

    Weird plot shit ftw motherfuckers.

  14. It's perfectly alright Grey. It's not everyone's path, I'm just getting frustrated, trying to decipher comments, and speculate without any 'field runs'. Which is a fancy way of saying, suicide by Slim Jim....

    heh slim jim

  15. The odd part about this is that the supposed Doomsday of our world is on the Solstice, two years from now.

    Wonder if that's the end.

    I hope it's this year.

    Good Luck Zero(Sage)

    A Keeper

  16. Wierd Plot shit?

    Please select a Response
    1)Thank you.
    2)Fuck You!
    3)My mother was a couch potatoe

    If I didn't know any better Zero, it sounds like you've got the workings of a plan in mind.

  17. It's...hard to explain. Especially now that the Tall One is keeping such a close eye on me. I can take his beatings but they're still not particularly enjoyable.

    My mind is my own. I still have my thoughts, feelings, memories and opinions. But that's all I have; everything else is his.

    So, anything I say here, I mean. Anything I do to you, I cannot guarantee to be my own actions.

    When I first came here to observe, I had a plan. But it was a terrible plan. It was an inhumane plan. I've struggled for so long not to lose my humanity and then I came up with a plan that would snuff out the light of my human self like two wet fingers extinguishing a candle...

    I couldn't do that, not only for myself but for those I once cared about, those who I held in my arms...

    I gave up on that plan, not just because it was inhumane but because I perceived a fatal flaw. I am almost certain that Nightcrawler is spot on with the tulpa effect, as he calls it. But his solution could never have worked.

    Time. Time is the key.

  18. @Battery Homestuck reference. It's essentially the same as all these cryptic people who can't spit out what they want to say. Heh

    not that I don't appreciate their info, but having to oh....translate languages daily, research links given, and check wikipedia, is all pretty rough when you could just say what you mean.

    guess that's part of the fun

    Also, yes, I have a plan in mind. I just need cooperation from certain individuals to do it.

    hah ahahahaha!

    okay I gotta say this

    "This blogosphere deserves a better class of (Sage). And I'm going to give it to them."

    @Reach so do you regret everything? Do you want to break free? I can't see why you're at odds with EO when you two want the same thing.

    Reach...I know I, for the most part can't stand your insufferable nature, and your affiliation. But damn man, I do have compassion for you. Try not to get in my way on the Solstice, okay? No need to cut down a man who misses his loved ones.

  19. Zero, I spend most of every day reliving my failures over and over. You can bet your sorry ass I regret each and every one.

    And all I ever dream about is freedom. But the only way I can get that is through your lot. You have to win, one way or another.

    I'm at odds with Eyes because he's just as insufferable and arrogant as me but not willing to admit it. Also, he's a fucking moron if he thinks he can understand what the Tall One wants.

    The Tall One is agitated about the Solistice. He wants to send me out. I'll try to fight the compulsion; he may not be able to control me as well as he usually can. Hopefully he'll be too busy trying to keep the crazies in line.

    I can't promise I'll stay out of your way though. Getting cut down might be the best thing for me now.

  20. Yes and obviously you understand him completely, oh great exalted one.

  21. God, what a freaking moron. To quote myself;

    "I can not claim to know his will"

    'Cause obviously that means I claim to know his will.

  22. I also never said I knew what he was exactly thinking either.

    I can put words in mouths as well.

    I just think it's a bit arrogant to not expect to be killed by him at some point.

  23. I kind of think you should both go away.

    Leave your business to yourselves.

  24. Eyes, let's just say that for one reason or another, it isn't arrogant for me to think he won't kill me. I'm not gonna go into detail while he's still suspicious about me. I'm just lucky he can only understand about a tenth of what I'm saying.

    And Shannon, not to put too fine a point on it, but fuck off. I'm doing more here than arguing with his majesty, Mr. Open. You might consider scrolling up and reading that bit where I declare my intent to openly defy my boss on the Solistice, even if it results in every bone in my body getting broken in retaliation.

    Meanwhile, you have contributed all of two steaming piles of sweet fuck-all to this discussion and Zero's plan in general. So yeah, fuck off.

    I may be co-operating with you Runners to a certain extent now, but that doesn't mean I have to like all of you.

  25. Shannon, regardless of their current situations, they're still human. I understand your annoyance with them, but you must understand them too.

    Reach, do you know how he controls you? What is it like? I need to know what he does to you, mentally: I think might be able to help you. You don't have to, but I've gathered from what you've posted that you wish to be free of him. You probably don't believe that I can help you and I don't even know if I can, but I would like to try. I can't assist the runners, I'm being called away from battle, but there's the chance that I can unfetter your mind from him. It might even be the reason why I haven't been seeing him. I must seem like a fool, I know, but this might be your only opportunity. Again, it's your choice to cooperate with me, but in this matter anything is better than nothing. I know you think you've nothing to lose. You will if you won't let me help you.

  26. The funny thing is that my mind is the only thing that he doesn't control. Other minions of his he controls or commands. He compels me. I hear him whisper "Do" and though my mind tries to tell my body otherwise, more often than not his will overrides mine. It's like my body and mind have been totally divorced from each other, but my body took all the knowledge in my mind during the separation. Even if I struggle with all my willpower, my body will still act and it will act intelligently, as if it was another person with all my knowledge but a slave to his will...

    I don't have nothing to lose. I have my mind to lose. After so long, I'm not sure if I'm willing to risk it. But I'll hear you out anyway.

  27. Never fucking tell her to fuck off. You're a nice piece of shit, babbling about fuck all.


    Go take your pretentious ideals and shove them up your ass. If he is real, I hope he gives you some good goddamn punishment so we don't have to listen to your bullshit any longer.

    Never fucking talk to her like that ever again.

  28. Danny, go suck totheark's digitally-distorted cock. I'll say whatever I want to whomever I want as my humour strikes me, such being my prerogative.

  29. Oh cool, I'd love to. Doesn't help the fact that you're a pompous shit who opens his mouth far too often. Do you know Shannon? No you fucking don't. Do I know you? I hardly want to, but I've seen enough of your attention seeking bile to last me a lifetime.

    I'm so sorry I'm not bending to your massive will, your majesty, I'm sure it pisses you right the fuck off. Just get the hell off your high horse and off my monitor.

  30. How sweet. Big ol' tough Danny is so protective of his dear Shannon. Look how strong and manly he is, look at his liberal use of swears!

    Surely he is the manliest of men.

    The way he goes on, you'd think he had something to hide.


  31. Awwww, am I sensing a lover's quarrel?

    I wouldn't be so temperamental, Danny-boy. After all, you need to start watching your stress levels. You're going through such a difficult time, after all ;)

  32. I don't know who the fuck you are , Eyes, but you can keep your implications to yourself, thanks.

    And Lucas, do you have nothing better to do than bug me? Or Shannon? Or fuck, Shiloh? Leave us the fuck alone. This argument did NOT involve you, ffs.

  33. I believed we discussed this before. We are officially best friends forever. I'm just looking out for you, best friend :3

  34. I guess you're the worst fucking friend I've ever had then.

  35. You're all being fucking idiots. Shut up.

    Peace,(and I mean it)

  36. *lol*

    I know what you're going through, Danny. It's always tough love with Reach, but he does his best. Still a bit smart at times, but what can you do.

    Oh, and don't mind Lucas, he hasn't shown any inclination of being anything but a bad troll so far.

  37. Wow! You get a lot of discussion happening in your comment section, yeah? ;)

    I'm just stopping by to introduce myself. I'm rather new around here, and offering up my free time in any way that's helpful to everyone currently fighting. If there's something I can do to help you, please feel free to let me know!

    In any event, it's lovely to meet you. I'm Mali, btw. (:

  38. Hello Mali. May I suggest that you duck and cover for a day or so. It seems everyone is enjoying opening up each others throats under the slightest provocation here in the blogosphere.

    Wouldn't want to see a new face get swept up in a bladed whirlwind.

  39. What Shaun said.
    Put a sock in it, guys.

    Stay safe.


    @Reach - Not another word on a personal level, I tolerate you because you can be civil, that's it.

    @Danny - We're all in a bad state, stop venting yourself on my blog

    @Anyone else - Shut the fuck up before I do whatever I can do on blogspot to ban/disable comments.

    Sweet merciful Rurga on a god damned pogo stick,people.

  41. oh I forgot one

    @Lucas - Dunno what your problem is, but unless you're coughing up blood like I am, take it outside.

  42. Ahh, I love the comments section. I was actually in the middle of doing something until I got an e-mail telling me that Zero had already done it. Thanks, man.

    To Reach: I apologize for the delay in responding, as my smartphone's internet connection was buggering with me. What he seems to be doing is either a command of your unconscious (less likely) or direct control over your nervous system from the shoulders down (more likely). Until I can formulate a plan, I recommend that you have a dash of salt more with each meal. Not only does it have certain properties, but it'll help brain development so your brain might be able to develop more connections. I must sign off now, more later.

  43. I've been living on salted crackers for a few decades now but I guess I could add a bit more salt to them.

  44. I'm lucky enough to have not actually encountered Slenderdouche myself, so I can't exactly do much to help with this. I hope you guys kick some ass, though.

  45. You should start you blog, Reach. I'll discuss this with you there.

  46. I'm still working on a way to shield it from his gaze. It may take some time.

  47. Take all you need.
    Wait, his gaze? Of what exactly is it? E-mail me this, as I do not want to interrupt the discussion of a comment thread with this one by severing it here and impregnating withing the other. They'd probably look down on what I'm doing, or up, and I don't need either one.

  48. Hmmm....well if he sees what you're going to have to type without viewing the screen. Unless he can read your mind at his whim, then I really don't know.

    Interested to hear what you have to say, however.