Monday, November 22, 2010

Ask Zero(Sage)

In the interest of moving things along, I've decided to have a Q&A thread set up.  In case any of you have any questions for me,  I'll update the page as the comments roll in.

If you have basic questions about Running, however, i direct you back to The Tutorial.

Fire away.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Solstice?

I can't fully explain this for one sole reason, that being that there are still Agents reading the blog,  needless to say I realistically do not intend to beat him.  I've been talking with Amelia(Sage) though, and we think we can free some Hallowed under his control.

I want to survive it all, certainly, but really, one or two lives for potentially 10-30?  It's worth a risk.

If we fall, well you still have Maduin(SJS) and Shaun(Guide) to work with, so you won't be without help.

You're willing to sacrifice yourself and Amelia for a better cause? You sure about this Zero?
She believes the same as I, that we have to take this chance to score a victory against him however slim.   I know it really sounds like I'm putting myself up for martyrdom, I assure you that's not the case.  
Two reasons why I am willing.

I was picked as a Sage, someone to find the answers despite the risks.  At first, I was very unwilling to consider this option, if you look back, my first reaction to Greenlight was 'Oh....crap".  But I fell into it, I see how so many things are connected now.  It's a chain reaction, it always has been.  Too much time has passed before the last 'link' in the chain sparked to life.  We cannot let this situation stagnate, we must keep up momentum, since killing him....the Slender Man, is almost impossible even now, most likely even with the Solstice, we have to count our victory another way, either by injury to him, more than a temporary wound, something that may maim him for life,  the other way is to save the Hallowed, if but a few of them.  Amelia has more thoughts on this than I do, it's all metaphysical of course, but I don't have the spirit to grasp that part, I think.

Second reason, as a Sage, I am probably certifiably insane.  No need to remind me about it.  I believe one Harlene Quinzel said that 'There are two times in which a person shows flagarant disregard for the rules of life, society, and personal health.  One is when they are insane, one is when they are in love."   Now I do not know a third of you people really, but....yeah.  I've taken a great interest in humanity these last few weeks, warts and all, we can be a good wholesome people at times, least I can do for you all is my role.

Okay, so there's a third reason.  I'm really not too certain how much longer I'll be whole, certainly the signs have been shown that I've had problems recently,  and I made my promise that I won't give in.  so yeah.
... Zero, do you have any family? 
I do, a small one.  I'm the younger of two.  My brother lives in Michigan doing humanitarian research.  My father is retired after leaving on bad terms with the state, that I don't need to go into.  My mother works at a hardware chain as a manager.

All in all, I've been extremely fortunate to have had their love and support.  And while I haven't seen eye to eye with my brother for years, we've reconciled since. 

Hey zero, I don't get people like Reach. Why would anyone side with gaunt?

Well, that's a hard question to answer. I don't really know it either, but his powers of persuasion are very intense, in essence he can force you to feel a certain amount of empathy to him.  Remember the classic line

"We didn't want to go, we didn't want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time..."

Then there's all the sick freaks like Conaghan who want to see the world burn.  
Do think the other one will also make an appearance during the solstice? If it does what effect do you think it would have on the outcome of the aftermath? 

Depends on if you mean the myserious //it//, the Rake or Greenlight   Ideally, it'd be an evil fights evil sort of thing, but if they're in concert, well....when you expect death from a fool's errand, it can hardly get worse if there are two of them, eh?

What can you do to keep TDF out of your house? Do you think stuff like protective symbols work?

Personally, I believe all the symbols are simply personal focus tools to reinforce your will against his.  We know he can get in your house if he really wants to, even with the symbols up.  What I really think the symbols do for us is it lets us tap into that sense of protection we need to actually keep him at bay, just tapping into that psychic part of our minds.  Most likely, it works because we think it works, however it's not fully capable, because others think it calls him, so it's considered shaky but worthwhile in the long run.

*note*  I can't figure out why the format keeps shifting or why it's bold...


  1. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Solstice? I know you intend to fight, but what exactly do you hope to accomplish?

  2. You're willing to sacrifice yourself and Amelia for a better cause? You sure about this Zero?

  3. I'll help! Email me the when it's going to happen and where the showdown is taking place at ~Rose

  4. @EE I don't know, EmptyEyes... you've got an interesting situation, I'm not certain I can count on you for support. I'll really consider it though.

  5. Is there anything that those of us who can't make it to your side for the Solstice can do to help? I'd really like to do something, but I have so many obligations, and I have to think ahead... Really sorry I can't make it...

  6. if there is, Jean, I will let you know. Thank you for your support. I know it's not everyone's fight yet.

  7. I've just realized how incredibly important it is for me to be there. Nothing in this life is more important than the good of many. Even if we only manage to disable it for a few months, we'll have bought the new Sages more time to research and reorganize.

    I'll be there.

  8. ... Zero, do you have any family?

  9. You're honestly going to try to fight that thing? Well, whatever finally gives you closure on the whole issue, one way or the other. I wish you luck and I would love to fight, but I'm too much of a coward and I don't mean that in a way to mock you.

  10. It's alright Drew! I've got a few tricks up my sleeve still. Besides, I think it's sort of a right of passage for a Sage to at least attempt once to take Gaunt down a peg.

    I will tell you this. I do not expect to kill him in a sword duel or anything. I am realistic, but what I will do to him will be far far worse.

    This cryptic shit is actually pretty fun now that I've done it...I see why people keep doing it.

  11. Unless you don't know what you're doing, please tell us what your plan is, what these "few tricks" are. Full disclosure, remember? Such was your word.

  12. Oh I do remember! And I intend to, but in due time. There are agents that read this blog....REACH. that might want to hear about everything I have in store.

    And to be sure that you guys get the skinny on everything, I'm going to send an email to...ehh probably Maduin. That way in case things go to pot, he can post exactly what I had ready.

    I will tell you gents one more thing, in a week or so, when the time gets a bit closer. I'll even upload a picture so you can see a little bit about me, I think.

    Trust me, Grey. It's all going to be worth it. I have all the layered plans. All of them.

  13. Reach claims something else, remember? It would especially dangerous for him to hear it if he is above the agents like he so claims. Perhaps you should just tell the people you trust the most over private lines of communication.

    Hey zero, I don't get people like Reach. Why would anyone side with gaunt? We're humans. Humans are it's prey. They have to know that if he takes all us runners, Sages, Guardians, and such out that they'll be the only people close to hand to mess with.

  14. Once again, wishing you and the others luck on the Solstice, Zero, and here's hoping you punch Skin and Bones in the dick so hard he stays home this time.

  15. I ain't going anywhere near the ole Slenderberries, Fizz. No, no. Too much slash/fic out there as it is.

  16. Zero/Slendy slashfic? That's a terribly disturbing image.

  17. yeah...the absolute horror....I can't imagine someone writing that

  18. There's some guy probably thinking "Huh, why haven't I thought of that before?" right before getting to work on it.

  19. And so Zero said, "Slenderman! It's time for vengeance!"
    From the shadows, Slenderman strode forth, sweat running down his alabaster skin, his suit fluttering in the breeze ever so slightly...

    Zero walked with purpose towards the faceless one, and when they met, it was an unholy union, an embrace of man and otherwordly horror. Zero's lips sought the blank skin where Slenderman's would be, and there, in the bleak emptiness of the other side, they were warm.

  20. and now I shut down the blog. ><

    so cold, so very cold...

  21. I'd like to point out that Fizzbomb started it, not me.
    But so long as we're already here....

    Zero slowly took of Slender Man's suit, revealing the pure white skin underneath. He ran his hand along the pale muscled chest, feeling every inch of flesh, as writhing tentacles grew out of Slender Man's back. The tentacles embraced Zero, caressing him with a dark and forbidden ecstasy....

    I need to take a looooong shower now. And brain bleach. So much brain bleach.

    On that note, why is it that Zero seems to be the only person shipped with anyone?

  22. Oh god, that is disturbing beyond belief.
    *covers face in shame*

    Zero's the most "fleshed out" Sage so far. Maduin and Amelia remain mysterious. And the old Sages were far too serious.

    (No one dare pair me with anyone. Least of all SM.)

  23. Omega, whatever cold tormented hell that Slender takes his victims to, will seem like a weekend at Hedonism when I finally meet you.

  24. *laughs her ass off*

    I love you, Zero.
    Don't take that the wrong way.

  25. Drew, not everyone who is commanded by the Tall One sides with him. In fact, I fought him decades ago. But he found my weakness, exploited it and now I'm a prisoner in my own body and a slave to him.

    I don't think Zero is scared of me reporting what I read here to the Tall One (at least, I hope he isn't) but rather that through me the Tall One will find out whether I want to surrender the information or not.

  26. Nessa, will you get mad if I pair you with Kurt Russel? :D

    Also, Zero? I'm so sorry. But it had to be done. This whole thing is making people too seriousface, we need some levity up in this bitch.

  27. Yes. *turns fierce glare on Fizzy* First of all, ew, he's old. Secondly, no. Just no.

    I like your terms. Mixing internet terms with srs vocabulary: win.

  28. What?! Kurt Russel is made of sex, old or not. :( I am disappoint, Nessa.

  29. *I* am disappoint. I have a girlfriend.

    Yes, and I am still female. Wrap your brain around that one.

  30. Oh. In that case I'll just ship you with Carmen Elektra. :O

  31. Wonderful guys, thanks: now I have to tilt my phone's screen away from others' eyes every time I come to this page, and people will see my shame and assume the absolute worst. At least that's all funny and stuff though. And that I'm not a prominent enough character to be shipped with anyone or thing. You two (Omega and Fizzbomb) make it seem so easy to do it, it's disturbing. Bloody terrible... but funny, at least.

    Reach: Any luck on starting your blog yet?

  32. in speaking of shame, why do I get shipped with the enemy, and someone else gets Carmen Electra? Oh well, I prefer the cuter ones anyway, as opposed to the high-maintenance ones.


  33. Can I be shipped with people?
    Not Zero.
    Amelia( and Shaun)would kill me.
    Or Slender Man.
    Not Nessa.
    Her girlfriend would kill me.

    A Keeper

    Also, Nessa.
    Respect your life choice and have nothing bad to say about it.

    Another thing.
    Time to get in all the laughs we can before the Solstice.

  34. Well, Zero, it's mostly because that's plain hilarious.

    Everyone else: Laugh it up! Fear's the biggest weapon Ghostface Killa has against us, we make him into a laughing stock, we take away his greatest weapon and our greatest weakness.

  35. @Grey: Yes, as I see you've noticed. Still working on shielding it though, so nothing big yet.

  36. Zero, nothing you do to me can match the sheer horror I experienced when it sank in that I had just written a few sentences of slash fiction. From this day on I will be living as a hollow shell of a man, my mind constantly tormented by visions of that post, haunting me until my very last breath.

  37. *laughs her ass off at everyone*
    Carmen Electra just isn't my type. (And no one dare pair me with Amelia, ;) Zero would kill me.)
    Jon of jonclubs113 is pretty adorable, though. (You read that right. Problems?)

    Sorry for ignoring you, Reach... this is just too fun.

  38. @Nessa - Hmm... unfortunately, Hollywood these days is experiencing a dearth of good-looking girls. Pretty much nothin' but skinny girls that all look the same. Cookie-cutter suckage. Maggie Gyllenhal is a little bit older, but to me still looks amazing.

    @Omega - You'll get used to it. It gets easier after the first paragraph. ;)

  39. Okay Reach, let me know when you've made some breakthroughs. Mind telling me how you plan to shield it from him? And do you know of what nature his gaze is?

  40. @Grey: It is a complicated process that Revenants, certain agents and even a few Berserkers are knowledgeable of. I cannot go into much detail but it exploits aspects of the Tall One's nature.

    As to his gaze, it is my understanding that he cannot literally "see" and indeed has no concept of sight, vision, colours, etc.

  41. @ Nessa (and others debating the attractiveness of women in Hollywood): Olivia Wilde? Sigourney Weaver?

    @ Zero: What can you do to keep TDF out of your house? Do you think stuff like protective symbols work?

  42. @Jean: I don't really like skinny girls. Looking like a magazine cover is unattractive too (read: too much makeup). I googled the two you mentioned; I'm not up to date on celebrities, so I can't give any examples of what I mean. :/
    I like girls comfortable in their own skin, with their own sense of style--name brands like Aeropostale are an immediate turn-off.

  43. And by skinny girls, I mean model thin. That's just gross. DX

  44. @Nessa - Might I recommend Amanda Seyfreid and Karen Gillan?

    Also, I agree on model-thin girls. Sandvich = your friend. Is just ham.

  45. Just thought I'd pop in with this question

    Do think the other one will also make an appearance during the solstice? If it does what effect do you think it would have on the outcome of the aftermath?

  46. read your note.

    Do you think it's watching your blog? That maybe the reason for shift in format. Personally though I think it's just highlighting questions or statements of interest at least that is what it looks like to me.

  47. I doubt he gives a damn about bolded text. I dunno why it's indented either. has some bugs in it, I think. It's probably because I copied the name, picture and question for the first few posts

  48. Hey, wbreeck has a name!

    In other news, meh, blonds. Redheads, though... Karen Gillan is good looking. Oh, that girl from Doctor Who! That's where I've seen her.
    Zooey's cute, I guess. Not hot.

    Lol @ "is just ham." I hate it when girls order salads at burger places, thinking it's not going to make them fat, and then just pile on ranch dressing. That's just stupid.

  49. That's probably it. All the stuff that's been happening to me recently has left me more than a little disjointed.

  50. *waves in Will's face*
    You wanna join in the crack pairing humor? Maybe?

  51. You fought the Tall One, Reach? How long ago. Were you still fighting him in 1992? Have you ever heard of a big man who looked like something straight out of a Davey Crocket episode bearing a (X) which he formed out of wood and some of the Substance Robert/Sage/greenlight found? Are you in fact that big mountain man who saved another child and myself from "it" that day in '92?

  52. Yeah, I fought him in the late 1960s. Now I'm involuntarily one of his chief henchman. Life's a bitch. For a given value of life.

    I've neither heard of nor am I that man. The only person I've ever managed to save from him was my girlfriend, Ariana. She died recently.

    I haven't been in America (which I can reasonably infer you to be from or living in) since 1979, when I saw Angela Lansbury's last night as Mrs. Lovett in the original Broadway production of Sweeney Todd. I hadn't been assigned to my current post by that time, so the Tall One wasn't too put out by the blatant abuse of my powers.

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. You have my sympathies, Reach. You really do.

    Alright, this man I referred to wielded an the forementioned (X) sign and had obviously been living out in the woods for some time when he bum rushed the tall one, touched the symbol to him, and made him drop the child he was carrying and then vanish.
    Do you have any idea of what kind of individual or entity this person could be? He'd obviously had to be have gone to the other side to get the substance which adorned the symbol, and then returned. Is there any chance this guy could still be alive? I can't imagine your master taking kindly to having his prey snatched from him.