Friday, November 12, 2010

The Gamble/A Big Secret

edit:  **Alert, Bullshit Ahead.  This shit's all false, corrupted data, and useless speculation, don't bother trying to make sense of it.  I leave it here as a reminder of my arrogance, stupidity and downright dementia of a previous time.  Take care**

Alright my friends, today's a big day for this blog.  I have decided that now's a good time to unveil my belief about ole Gaunt.  I've sort of dreaded this day since I put the pieces together because it's a bit exotic in belief.  It's been conjectured by smarter people than I that the construct is really put together from our individual concepts of who he should be.  This does allow for variances in attitude, abilities and sightings.  Sometimes he 'talks', other times he writes, most of the time he doesn't do either, just having Hallowed do his work for him in that regard.  If I explain to you my belief, and it doesn't pan out, if it is not believed.  I'm not certain...maybe he'll change to represent that, and in a mild rebuke, I'll lose whatever slim credibility I am supposed to have.

So I decided to take the gamble, and do it anyway.  'Go big or go home', as I say when playing cards.  First, let me ease you into the concept

His abilities        

Teleportation - almost always near instantaneous, to anywhere at any time.  This means he has to have access from somewhere else, where time isn't an issue.

Alien Nature - For the most part, we can't fathom his goals or beliefs.  He is outside our understanding.  This could mean an alien nature, dimensional or planetary.

Malleable Body - Tentacles, multiple arms, inhuman features.  He can adjust at will.  This to me suggests two things,  his body doesn't have standard blood and organs in it, and two, its a form he assumes, meaning he probably possesses it, or manifests it.  While always similar, to some people he has different qualities.

Other Side-  He's associated with fog, or mist.  Greenlight followed him to 'somewhere'.  A dark reflection of our world perhaps, but marshy.  So we can assume that this is his home, this is where he comes from.

Substance-  He was damaged by a fire extinguisher.  My assumption is that he was only suseptable to it because it was fog-like in nature.  It caused him to leave, and in doing so, left behind some goo of some sort.  You Ghostbuster fans might call it 'slime'.  I think it's appropriate enough.  We also know that Robert has announced that a weapon coated in the substance can damage him.  It needs something from 'beyond' to impact it.

Social Conscious-  As mentioned several times, it's believed that 'we' made him, as a ruse, and it took form.  We all focused on him, and it came to be.  The vast potential of the human race, or at least the fragment that inhabits the internet, still reeling socially from the instant gratification and societal changes that ensued, saw ourselves free of rules.  Reality didn't matter here, and our minds opened up.   Let me say that a different way.  Our minds put him together, our minds establish his abilities, and when he approaches one of us, that person's personal reflection of him is encouraged.  People who watch Marble Hornets, or EverymanHYBRID have a visual representation, and generally 'tune into' that character.

So if you're still with me, follow me two steps further.  First, we created him, using the untapped potential of our communal nature.  Pooling our mental power accidentally.

Mental Power

Psychic Power

There exists a place that allows for every single thing that TDF can accomplish.  It's a place where dreams get their power, and where people can visit if they're gifted enough.  Technically it has two parts, a mirror of our world, where all sorts of fantastic things may occur, as dreams run rampant, created from ectoplasm.  Yes...Ectoplasm, the substance.  The second part of this special place is, as I understand, full of shapes and energies, barely formed horrors and wild mystery, but I don' t think this is part of him...

This place is the Astral Plane.

I just took a deep breath, it feels good to announce my conjecture.  This is also the reason I've taken up meditation, to see if maybe I can go there of my own volition.  No luck on that by the way.

It makes sense though, ectoplasm needed to damage ectoplasm.  all of his abilities are reflected in the abilities of malevolent ectoplasm.  This is where, I believe, the boogeyman comes from.

Thank you for reading.  I await your responses.


  1. My response will be whta one friend of mine said to another when asked about astral travels:
    Don't do it, it is extremely dangerous.
    Even ignoring the fact that whatever is there could maul your spirit into deep insanity, there's the issue that nobody would know whether it's you or not in your body.

  2. Astral plane, eh? That's... an intriguing thought. I suppose it makes sense, if we accept that TDF was created by thoughts in peoples heads. Have you read any Jung? He had a belief in the 'collective unconscious' that mirrors the idea of humanity pooling its mind together. It makes Mr. Thin a bit more like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, really. We made him, and now he's destroying us.

    And now I have the image of TDF singing "Daisy, Daisy" in my brain, and I'm not sure if it's terrifying or hilarious.

    Back to serious discussion, I kinda disagree with Maduin (though far be it for me to suggest that a Sage is wrong.) I do think that you should follow this new path of investigation, at least if you think it's the right thing to do. Yeah, it's going to be dangerous, but this whole thing is dangerous. Urgh. I don't know. If your gut says to do it, you should, but the second you sense danger...

  3. Well either way, I haven't had any real luck with it. Maybe its not my role to go there. I haven't read any Jung, but it's always nice to see some published support. Granted that part of the creation theory isn't really debated, that part is widely understood.

  4. I'll put it this way:
    I am NOT kidding about this being dangerous. I implore you, if you are to continue down this path, have somebody to secure you, restrain you, get you back and keep you safe at the ready.

  5. Have you been there Maduin? I'm not disputing your words in the slightest, but I am curious if you've ventured there. The mention of madness in your first post just helps cement my theory further.

  6. I'm with both Madiun and Jean on this one. It might be worth exploring the possibilities,but if you DO, you're gonna need someone to act as a tether to This Side.

    This Side and Other Side... heh. Sorry. Having Persona 2 flashbacks. And this monster cold is making me ramble, so... sorry, guys.

  7. Interesting theories. The Tall One will appreciate the insight.

  8. Awww Reach, stick around, I've analyzed you and your boss now, it's gotten to be amusing for me!

    So here's what your latest comment says

    You don't call him by any real name, so you either don't know it, or are afraid to say it. You refuse to say his standard moniker, certainly he doesn't care what euphenism you call him, so that means you must have a bit of fear left in you.

    Ha! You worry about his wrath. Amazing!

    Now you say he'll appreciate the insight. So this can mean two things. One: He wants to learn what we think of him...which is most likely the case, after all you're his spy.

    Two: Less likely but unable to be ruled out. He doesn't know where he came from! It's a possibility.

    And now that you've given ME more insight into how you work with him, you're probably going to post something unnecessarily cryptic, not morse code, maybe some sort of useless jumble or self made cryptograph in an effort to stymie me, right?

    As before, make your next post worthwhile.

  9. I don't know his name. I don't call him the Slender Man because that is a name that others have applied to him. I have always known him as the Tall One.

    And certainly, I worry about his wrath. I am not one of his favoured, such as the Oracle. He relies on me for entirely different reasons.

    As for the insight comment, I cannot answer definitively, as I am not privy to his ways as the Oracle is; when I said it, I mean meaning 1, but for all I know, meaning 2 could apply.

  10. What is it with you people making accounts and publicly posting these days? We've got Michiru, Joker, oohthethingsiveseen, Lily, goslanen.... Whatever happened to the good ol' days when you just left cryptic messages 01101001 01101110 00100000 01100010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 or screwed with our video channels? I almost miss the time when Slenderproxies actually attacked people....

  11. If not for the particular use the Tall One has for me, I'd probably be out attacking people. It is currently convenient for him to keep me here, that is all. Believe me, if I was ever ordered away from my post, he wade least your vod hall.

  12. I definitely agree with the others, you should make sure you're safe before trying this.

    A theory, though, on what you said. Does his nature change depending on who he is stalking? Does my own perception of him influence how his power manifests around me? If so, could we use this to our advantage?

    Suppose we told someone everything we could about him, but through in a weakness, something that could defeat him. Would he then be weakened around that person?

  13. @Reach thank you for your intriguing posts. You've certainly given my words some thought in one form or another, either questioning yourself, or failing to fall into classic Agent trolling techniques. Either way, each sentence you write, allows me to glean something new about you and your master. Thank you.

    @Omege I won't be brazen enough to taunt agents to come attack me. I may avoid an eyeless gaze for a bit longer, but a very real agent is still a great threat.

    @Nate Thanks for posting firstly. It's possible, but most of him is formed from subconscious. I mean, we didn't really say 'let's make this monster real and have him kill us' we thought, "Wow this is a cool concept, let's explore it further.' Maybe some form of autohypnosis could tamper with our base idea of him, but I'm certainly not talented enough to know how to do that!

    I've ventured that same theory about weaknesses, ie: my post "Death of the Villain" but the thing is, it has to be believed fully. That kind of exposure means this: If we want to 'wish' him to death, we have to get Marble Hornets and Everyman to both join in. They're too well known to ignore. I've written MH to no avail so far. Damn that'd be epic, it'd be the internet killing something in a massive crossover of blog and video work!

  14. Zero I need help. Melody's gotten worse. How can I stop it? Please

  15. It seems the Tall One noticed my last post and scrambled the end of it. I will be punished for my defiance. I will reveal nothing further, for now.

  16. Helping Melody
    Dooming B
    Only Option
    Tried Others

    Reach Unimportant
    (Templars) Important
    Stop Good
    Shift Better


    Shift Eyes
    Find Lens
    Find Prism

    Green Light
    Attempt Assist
    Watch Traffic

    Sages Turn
    (Templar) See
    Cannot Deny

  17. So many questions. So many riddles.

    A lens, a prism, something unable to be seen with normal eyes. Infra-red, Ultraviolet, or...seen on a different plane.

    One thing is right though, time to stop playing with Reach.

    Back to work.

  18. Paramaarthasatya: "(Sanskrit). Absolute truth or absolute reality. The ultimate level of truth or reality which denotes direct experience devoid of an overlay of conceptualization, and stands in contrast to ‘relative truth’ (saṃvṛti-satya). Both terms are used epistemologically as well as ontologically in Mahāyāna Buddhist thought."

    Templars would be in reference to the Knights Templar? A religious military order in the Holy Land, which helped establish the banking system? Then was wiped out by Philip IV, and now is part of many major conspiracy theories?
    Or is it the modern TVTropes definition, someone with an extremely dogmatic view on good and evil, and determined to destroy evil at any cost?

  19. it's pretty hard to process the idea of ultimate truth, since everything is subjective, you'd have to be really enlightened to breech that.

    As for the Templars, my belief is confirmed, it's Nightcrawler and his squad. GL posted on there as well.

  20. Not everything is subjective. No matter who is observing it, the gravitational constant remains 6.67300 × 10^-11 N. If there is an "ultimate" truth, we can find it.

    So it was the second definition. Now the problem is just convincing Nightcrawler. The others in his squad seem more open to suggestion, but Nightcrawler himself may be difficult to sway.

  21. indeed, they obviously still have humanity, so it's not like they came to the decision lightly to kill Runners. NC also mentions that at first they did what they could to help Runners. That is what I hope we can use.

  22. If any of this is to be believed...
    Okay, this follower business is bugging me. How does one work for a supernatural being?

    I think my biggest question is: does one who follows him gain some of his power and influence?

    That probably sounds dumb, actually. Whatever.

  23. I think they are really two types of people who follow him. There are those who are turned into a follower by him, who really have no control over themselves, and those who willing follow him. Those who willing follow him, I think, do it more or less because he is a supernatural creature. Maybe they worship him, maybe they believe he'll give them power, maybe they're just nuts. In any case, I don't think any of them get anything but death in the end.

  24. Albert Conaughan said that TDF whispered dark visions that enticed him to join, to see them happen. So pretty much you have to be a sick SOB to join him, I guess some of the agents view it as...a chance to change the world?

  25. Some of them must get SOMETHING.

    Is there really nothing to support this idea? I don't know, there just seems to be an increasing number of people who are into following him.

    But maybe the ones who would fit into that idea are the ones who post in the fucking 01101001 01101110 nonsense.

  26. well the codespeakers are most likely the fully enthralled ones, the ones we call Hallowed. While the Agents are the ones who are actively following TDF.

    You do raise a good point, Danny. Do agents get any sort of boon before Zeke Strahm puts a bullet in their head, or is it more of "It is better to be the pet of the devil than in his way"?

    I've not heard of an Agent with any 'powers', though I'm hardly an expert.

  27. What about the Agent Templars?
    Since the Agents are clearly very close to TD&F, it would be extremely helpful if we could somehow turn them against Him to help us fight Evil. Think about it. They have been close to Him like none of us have. Agents, of all people, would be most likely to know His weaknesses.
    Would be difficult to pull off, though. At least it's a course worth pursuing. I'm on it.

  28. ahh that I'll have to refrain from answering at the moment, I've got an iron in the fire involving that. Of course you could ask the one that figured it out, Amelia...

  29. Out of curiosity, is anyone going to run the meditation experiment? I could attempt it if nobody else is willing to take the risk, which is completely understandable. I might need a couple of pointers and some time, but at least I'm willing to try.

  30. Grey, I strongly advise against that.
    It's too damn dangerous.

  31. I keep attempting it but with no luck. Maybe I need a focus to work with, or to purge myself of impurities.

  32. To Zerombr: Due to the nature of this experiment and your current position and responsibilities (either of which I am probably not fully aware of), I suggest you discontinue your attempts to reach the other side. However, since I cannot stop you myself and that it may indeed be your duty to try things like this, then I suggest we try trance meditation. Instead of focusing on one (or no) particular thing as per the more popular method, the trancee overloads their own mind. I'm not sure if external aid is allowed (as in incense or music) or if this must all be done within, though.
    Of those who are concerned about me: There is no need to be so. The only ones that need be worried over are those Sages and such. I'm not going to pretend that I know much about them, but it's apparent to me that they're the ones that shouldn't be risking their minds over things so trivial as experiments such as this. I'm an ideal candidate for this, as I wouldn't be sacrificing much by doing this alone. Let me gamble for you instead, Zero.

  33. I'm not saying I'm a trained professional, or even someone that knows exactly what to do, but I don't think you need to be my puppet, Grey. I learn more everyday that things that happen to me are full of 'MoThErFuCkInG mIrAcLeS'.

    I admire your enthusiasm however, very reminiscent of myself. I caution you against attempting projection though, Maduin has made it QUITE clear that it is incredibly dangerous. Your information may be of use to me. Part of me can't wait to get home...yes I still have my day job for now. Heh

    I'll stay a (Gambler) for now, no need for you to take that mantle, Gray.

    Thanks for your insight and support. Stay connected.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. Didn't Maduin say something to the effect, that nobody would know whether it's the person who came back or something else entirely? Creeps the fuck out of me.

  36. Heheh, whatever you say, Zero. I don't intend to brag, but if you have questions on psionics, magic, etc. then you can expect the information you need from me. I suppose that in the meantime, I'll be waiting for another blog update thing.