Sunday, November 7, 2010

White Elephants

edit: Robert's insane, why didn't I even fucking think about that back when I praised him so, back here?  Titles, and 'other side' bullshit.  Why couldn't I see it? No, I had to go in hook line and sinker, believe it all and believe that being given a title meant anything at all.  Do yourselves a favor if this is your first time reading this,  take your index finger, cram it down your throat and spend twenty minutes throwing up, then skip this entry.

I'm sure most of you have followed Robert(Sage) over on White Elephants.  He's gone now, off to do his duty against a callous ethereal foe.  I chalk it up as a win for us overall, the first blog that was ended without a death apparent.  He's still out there, laughing at constructs.  I...Sorry if my typing is a bit off today, I'm perturbed by his departure.

Robert had talked about finding new Sages since the first three had...well disappeared in one form or another.

then I get a comment on my last blog saying



I check the name 'greenlight'....and it's Sage.


god, look, I know I've said that I've always wanted a chance to be someone, to leave something be remembered, but if I read this right; that he's picking me as a rep of some sort.   I dunno if I'm that sort of guy...

Still, I said I was in this thing, and I guess I still am.  But I haven't seen the Slender Man.  I can only speculate on him until he shows himself.

I guess I really do need to see if that bum is still out there by the overpass, maybe I can learn something useful, or buy him a fire extinguisher...

Amelia got a notice as well,  but who is 1/3?  Who is it?  Maybe we need to talk before anyone starts claiming stuff about 'new sages'.  I wouldn't dare to be so arrogant and self-absorbed to think I know anything more than Robert, Jay or Shaun.

Time to give this some extra thought.

edit:  It's Maduin.  Thanks, Omega.

edit 2:  Maduin and I have been in contact, if only a hair.  He advises me to find the 'Rock' .   Having searched WE, I come across this

Maduin said:
Sad deal, this "Hero" business. And one would have to have a mind and soul as strong as a rock.
Do you intend to nurture such an individual?
Raise one?
Create one? 


Robert Sage said... Zeke(Mystic) had his shot, a Warrior who's already had a turn at the Warrior and isn't -corrupted- becomes a Mystic. That's not to say Zeke can't try again. are very very clever and figured out the Grand Theory. Almost. You see, Heroes can't be created or forged. That never ends well. I(Sage) have other plans.

Alright, I have a task before me now, A hero cannot be created or forged, and must have strength of absolute conviction.  So, a hero simply...must be.  How he arises is either pointless or inconsequential.

I think the only way I'm going to really get any answers on what to do, or how to do so is to encounter him myself.


  1. 1/3 is Maduin.
    Here's the link to the comment:

    I'm not sure if I should congratulate you or not, considering the circumstances which led to us needing new sages. Still, I think you'll do fine, zerombr (Sage).

  2. Maduin? time to read up on him. Thank you Omega

  3. I'd say good luck, zero, but I don't think you'll need it. Robert (Sage/Guardian) knew exactly what he was doing when he picked out you and Maduin and Amelia. I'm sure you'll be able to figure everything out. The three of you definitely need to find a time to chat, though.

    You don't need luck, but if there's anything I can do...

  4. We trust you. Live up to your title, Zero(Sage)!
    Let's find our Champion and attack on Winter Solstice. Maybe we can be rid of this /creature/ for good?

  5. something tells me it won't be that fast. How does one find a Hero or Warrior on the internet? Most importantly, people have to believe it, I can't say just pick you, Nessa, and say, 'sure it's got to be you.' A name only matters if its believed, if names do give strength.

  6. How strange, huh?

    Well, we won't let them down. It's a big 'Net out there, and who's to say that a Hero won't pop up eventually?

    Let's do our best, Zero(Sage).

  7. Going to have to disagree with you a bit Zero. Heroes can be made through their circumstances or experiences, but no one is born a savior. The foretold Hero we're looking for may be a timid mouse now, but can ultimately prove himself at the decisive moment.

    If there are any qualities we should look for in a hero, I think it's an unsurpassed concern for others, for life. The very anti-thesis to the Construct. These qualities will push a person to great things when put in the right predicament. So you might be looking for someone seemingly inconsequential who just needs a little push.

  8. I've done some more thinking about Heroes, which I'll post later.

  9. Suddenly feeling a lot less optimistic.

    What happens if we don't find the (Hero) before the Winter Solstice?
    I've only seen the (Hero) referred to as male so far. Can't we have a girl (Hero)? After all, the brave Valkyrie who stabbed /it/ was female.
    Also, does the (Hero) have to have been -hunted- first? Just wondering.
    Hope you can answer some of these questions, Zero.

    And what does (Guardian) mean by (Guide)? Who are they and how do we Follow them?

  10. There's always another Winter Solstice. It's not like we lose forever if we don't beat him during this year's solstice. Although killing him quickly would be preferable to drawing it out.

    I've checked every other blog, and apart from comments on the two other Sages' blogs, Robert (Guardian) has made no mention of a (Guide). It might be Shaun, as he needs a role now that he is no longer a (Sage), but I have no evidence to back up that hypothesis.

  11. I really think it's Shaun. He's been through this, and he needs our help, even if he's not a Guide, he has asked, and he shall receive.

    Don't worry about the Hero, Amelia. I think I understand now, the Hero will appear when needed. Any who fight the monster have the chance, I think. I've discussed Hero as male, for lack of a proper gender neutral term. I fully believe that gender will be the least necessary criteria to fill the role.

    Anyway, I think the Hero won't show until the moment in which she's needed, which is even more of a reason to marshall ourselves.

    The Solstice is an optimal event to kill, but this is not the only option we have to work with. If we rush the work, it will be shoddy and incomplete.

    I do wonder, Amelia, what your plans are for the future.

  12. What "work" do we have to do before we kill him? I can't imagine what... Robert(Guardian) has the weapon, and that's that, I thought.

    So should we not look for a Hero? Would that spoil it somehow? How will they know how to look for the green light if they're not already involved?

    Hmm, maybe Shaun *is* a (Guide) now, that would make sense. More sense than the (Mystic) or (Hermit) titles, because he's still out there, but hasn't really had an opportunity to fight.

    -Full of questions

  13. Good luck to you, Zero(Sage). You have my undying support. Literally.

    Peace out,

  14. oh I admit that I am not certain of what all needs to happen, outside of seeking out our Warrior and Hero. However, I believe I might have a basis for my own inquiries.

    I'm as full of questions as you are Nessa. Perhaps by week's end, I think I've found a piece in our puzzle today, but I need to dwell on it further.

  15. I sent the three of you an email response to what you said. Let me know what you think as soon as you feel you can. Don't strain it, I know how hard it can be to respond to emails in our line of work. :P


  16. Are my thoughts about him possible? Yes. But will they be 'approved' by the mass? I don't think so.

    We have a certain way we believe in him, to explain it, to justify it might be met with scorn. Perhaps we don't want to know?

    Greenlight, sometimes I think I know exactly where you are...

  17. Maybe what we need is a way to make our information indisputable. A way to make everyone accept the words of the Sages. For once, the matter of agreement is life-or-death.

    You can't kill a creature made of mist. You have to solidify it. And we can't do that unless our thoughtpower is concentrated on one reality--there can't be any disparity. It will take advantage of confusion and misinformation.

    Of course, this is assuming that the Rules we decide on actually affect the creature. I hope this isn't just some sick hunting game.
    Gah, I'm doing it, myself.


  18. I think you've got a firm grasp of the need for validity I'm perplexed by. Everyone has their own 'origin story', and while commonly accepted that we created him together, 'how' is not known to everyone yet, nor how he works. The last part I think I have understood.

    I think what really needs to be done, to get truth spread out, is that we need to talk to whoever posts Marble Hornets, and EverymanHYBRID. They've got so much more exposure. Maybe Zeke posting on Seeking Truth would be enough.

    I mean, I've got 11 followers myself, that's not even a quarter of what Zeke had, or M has. I don't think it'd be enough to be considered 'accepted' by the public. Assuming that they believe me!

  19. fuck man, has this only been 11 days since I got this title? Feels like forever.

  20. Don't fret Zero. You were chosen by Robert. That means either two things, you get the job done, or if not, you can help someone get there.

    Wishing you well.

    A Keeper