Thursday, November 18, 2010

Save vs Death

Ok so myself and St. Vee's Hospital both decided we'd like to see other people, so I was released.  Good thing too, I can't stand medical work.  I was born in a Hospital, and that's been it for my visits, till now at least.

I don't know even where to start with all the thoughts i have today, so just bear with me.

First, I guess I'm thankful for your kind words, and a bit embarassed at them at the same time.  Kinda funny though, that half of you thought I was dead, the other half assumed I was Hallowed...yeah

I dunno about that last one.

Anyway to clarify what happened, I indeed took a decision out of B's hands after 'persuading' him to give me the tools needed to perform the move.   What I didn't expect was such a foul reaction to it.  It sort of felt like...well, like someone ripped a big gash in your soul, and then twisted it.  It's something I don't wish upon anyone.  Is that...what being Hallowed feels like? 

So when I made up my mind, I opened up my blog, and drank the mixture.  I figured if it was going to be dangerous, I needed to let you know what was going on.  I know I was stupid and damn mysterious with it.  I mean the suddenness of it had to be a shock, but I didn't want anyone to persuade me otherwise.   So, I took the decision away from you.  I'm sorry about that.  It's like I lied to you all, but not mentioning it, so in the interest of full disclosure...

I saw him.


Not fun.

Apparently after I dialed 911, and unlocked my front door, I sat down on the floor and passed out.  Sometime after the paramedics (bless them all) had me en route, I woke up and started screaming.   It was enough that after I had settled down, and became more stable, that I got interrogated by their on staff psychiatrist or whatever.  I really didn't pay attention to his job title. So I played evasive and non committal to his questions as best I could, and he knew it.  So we wasted some time with questions I didn't want to answer, and him trying to passively glean more from me.

I eventually asked if I could have some net access real fast, which meant I'd have to leave the room, since computers weren't allowed in the ICU.  That took some doing, but I sort of leveraged him into it, alluding to the fact I'd probably answer his questions straight up after I got to send out my message.

So that's how I posted the other day.  With about 3 minutes of net access.

On my way back to my room, feeling like a ton of crap in a five pound bag, I looked out my window.


It was in the parking lot.

I...I'd like to say that I wasn't afraid of him, but the sudden shock of finally seeing the monster caused me to drop onto the bed, dumbfounded.  It was more the feel of reality crashing down around me, finally seeing with my own eyes what was responsible for all the horrors we've seen.  The worst part felt comforting. 


I shook it off, told the psych major I was tired and spent the night staring out the window

Blood work was done, analysis, all that stuff, in fact I'm scheduled to go back in later for more, but I don't think I'm going to do that, too many questions, and I really don't want to get anyone else involved.

Today I was released, played around in the wheelchair for 30 seconds or so, scanned the parking lot for old enemies, got a ride home from a friend, bought some blue food coloring and table salt, then came on here.

So yeah, big day.


  1. Great. Just great. We have a Sage who's not sure if he's been hallowed out. That sure inspires confidence.

    Glad you're feeling better though.

  2. Nessa, would you rather have me lie to you? I mean, you have a right to know that there's a chance I'm compromised. Better now than me pretending it's all good, and then suddenly start feeding everyone bad info, and sending people into Slendy traps. its the responsible thing to do, to keep you informed.

    It could just be part of the standard aura surrounding him, you know. Several people have talked about being 'comforted', so it is one of the possible results.

    Don't give up hope, don't panic.I still believe in the strength of human potential.

  3. Zero.
    Thank you so much. Melody's back to normal. Are you ok though?

  4. If we were on the same continent I would punch you right now. Seriously, you made me terrified with the heroics.

  5. No, lies aren't much better. I(Herald) wouldn't have you do any different. I was rather commenting on the discomforting feeling of uncertainty that seems to pervade the situation.

    Ehh... that still worries me. I have no personal experience with that, though.

    Tell us immediately if you're experiencing any symptoms like the ones M tells us to look for.

  6. @Nessa Will do

    @Maduin Fine, you get a free shot when we all meet up and kick this thing's ass. But after the fireworks, okay? I am sorry about the scare, I'm also glad I have insurance (and that my stay iss being considered a viral incident.)

  7. From what I see, it looks like you rolled high enough. If I were you I'd keep that d20 around. Heh. I laugh at my own jokes.

    Zero, could you tell us what you're going to do with the salt? I can think of a few things it's useful for, but why the dye too? All I can think of what one could do with it is staining Wanker Man's suit. I've considered that you may have mundane use for it, but I doubt you would bring it up if you didnt want us to take notice. Or, was it that you were picking up some blue dice?

    On a more serious note, I dont know why people thought Zero was hollowed. Maybe he was/is, but it didn't seem apparent in his posts. Has anyone any idea what was leading you all to the conclusion that he turned? Am I missing something batantly obvious?

  8. that would be GL's suggestion for a temporary cure to sickness. He listed it on Amelia's blog a few posts ago. I figured it's something worth trying out. Greenlight's not steered me wrong.

    Also, yeah I considered starting off this post with "I rolled a 16 + 5" but I didn't want to be too lighthearted after all the drama.

    I think part of why people figured I was Hollowed, was in that post, I said 'fightme' now, I'm not certain but I think I was talking to the construct, then switched back to talking to the readers after that...confusing.

    On an unrelated note, i asked my weapon nut friend to sharpen up my katana, it's a replica blade, but a decent edge on it can't hurt...or rather it can, you know, to hurt Agents.

    Long day. heh

  9. Don't bother with a katana - efficient use requires years of practice and they tend to wear down and break easily. Bludgeons, like baseball bats, or kitchenware, like meat pounders, butcher knives, meat cleavers and such are much better for inexpert weapon users. Or a sharpened straightrazor, if you can get one of good quality.
    Besides, Zero, you of drinking age yet? If so, then once this is all over, I'll get you a beer. (Unless, of course, you simply don't drink, then a juice will have to suffice)

  10. So for sure your not hallowed?

  11. You're ok. Thank god. I'm.
    Fuck, I can't type it. OH наблюдает и контролирует. Я знаю етот комфорт.
    I'm glad you're ok.

  12. @Maduin I'm a teetotaler but I'll make an exception for a celebration. The main reason I picked my katana is that it's of significance to me, plus it's longer than any other weapon I have here.

    @B I have had a close encounter, I have heard strange things now, I will not succumb

    @Jill mailed you, don't worry, we'll get you through this.

    @Anyone Anyone ever try crystal or jade as a warding device? Both are known to help repulse evil.

  13. Alright, you're okay. Now zero, if you will please never ever do anything like that again, I think we will all be happy. Seriously. No more drinking potions that are made of things that can kill you or hallow you. No more not telling us what you're doing. No more hospitalizing yourself.

    As you're a Sage, and Sages seem to be insanely good at injuring themselves, I doubt that you'll heed my ranting. But hey, it makes me feel better.

    On a more practical note; echinacea, echinacea, echinacea. Delicious in tea, they make wonderful echinacea/lemon juices, and it's great for your stomach. So while you recover, get to drinking that and tea. It's good for you! 3:

    In other words, get well soon.

  14. @Jean Don't you remember Robert's definition of a Sage? Getting injured and killed is sort of what we do, for the truth. Really, I never truly considered myself a (Sage) until I took that drink.

    I promise I'll not hide things any longer. One big reason I didn't tell you is, because then B wouldn't have sent me the items I needed.

    However you have my word. full disclosure.

    also, any Runners in the Indiana area, I'm opening up my doors for a very special Thanksgiving. Hosted by me (ParsleyNSage) Catering by Boston Market.

  15. @Zero: there's no point in drinking if you don't like it. I think we can come up with somethink else then.
    As to the weapons, if it's against proxies it's not important whether the weapon is of any significance to you or not, but it might be significant as a ward against him.

    @Jean: We're Sages, we blow ourselves up and use our dying breaths to tell people how to use gunpowder to the greatest destructive effect. On a related note: prank 1 of 3 on TPF has been played. Will update journal once all three have been performed.

  16. you call them pranks, Maduin, Greenlight calls them traps...

  17. To Zero: I have yet to use crystals or jade to ward away anything, as I've not yet needed to. However, I have plenty of crystals to try it with and more to spare for those who might need them. Hah, I even got a quartz-tipped bamboo staff from the Renaissance Festival years ago. I bet I could swing that really hard if I wanted too...

    I don't know if anyone's tried this before, but I was wondering if the faceless bugger could be repelled by psionics. What are your thoughts on that?

  18. I've ventured that idea as well, but who really manifests it well enough to use in combat. I, as you know, have attempted to project, with little success.

    I'm guessing you know all about psionics, given your posting past? :D

  19. To Zero: I'd like to say I know quite a bit. I've even had (limited) success within "field" tests. The most I've had is with telepathy and empathy, but I believe that programmed mental constructs and the more solid methods might have more use. Perhaps some or even all of these can be used to fight, especially since the wank was constructed himself. However, due to the fact that he's the product of multiple people, he may incompatible in some way with our psionics. This can either make it worse for him, or not afffect him at all. I don't know, because there's been an understandable lack of research on him and psionics alone, let alone together.

    Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, I'm typing with my phone and I've been inundated in texts. Ugh, people are annoying. Present party excepted, of course.