Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Faerie tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Faerie tales tell children that dragons can be killed." ~ Chesterton


  1. Unless the dragon gets you first.

  2. nowhere near the point Rika. Already told you, doesn't matter if the dragon wins.

  3. Yeah rika.when it comes to annoying people,your bad.although i'll give you a C for fighting.

  4. SOS! I'm in need of rescue! //It's// Hollowed have managed to capture me! T-T ~Rose

  5. Well,maybe zero can help you.

  6. never was much I could do for anyone if they got attacked. Just the basic information, you know, the rules, and such. Looks like EE is free anyway, so it's moot.

    all I can say is to 'go get yourself checked out', by a mental care specialist or something because I won't even try to understand this two personalities thing. Not going back to that place, oh no.

  7. Poetry is such a wonderful way to hold up our grasps on reality, especially in this twisted situations, mmm, Zero?

    I know you didn't write that, but regardless, we find meaning in these sayings, something to push us forward. I've been reading a lot of Whitman lately. It helps.

    Do you think the tall man can appreciate art?
    I wonder.

  8. I think I don't want to know what he would view as 'art', Shiloh.

  9. Zero, Nessa she's.... dead.

  10. I see now...
    goodbye my friend

    she wanted out, we have to respect that. It had to be better than the torment she was going through. I miss her terribly. That little light in the dark that she was, the light flickers but will not fade out, because I won't let it.

  11. Shit. What the hell this is? That's the second short blank out I've had in a short period.

    Alright, don't listen to me anymore. I'm officially damaged goods and I'm fleeing to another town for now.

  12. Zero. I think the dragon will one day be killed. Let's outlast it.

  13. Nessa died? Pity she would have made a wonderful addition.

  14. ...

    As much as I hate to sully this blog with too many posts, with comment wars, with unnecessary emotions and anger, I cannot let that comment stand. Please, do ignore this, Zero. I humbly apologize for my rage.


    I'm a level headed person. Slow to anger, most usually. Yes, I occasionally get pissed off, but that's usually because of physical irritation. But in your 10 word fragmented post, you have managed to make me lose any semblance of cool I had.

    You monster, you bitch, you heinous miscreation. How dare you even type Nessa's name. How dare you even think of Nessa. She was ours. It doesn't matter how lost she got, she was ours. It doesn't matter how delirious she was at the end, she was ours. She gave us our love, our light, our life, and we loved her.

    Again, I hate to feed such an abhorrent troll and totheark wannabe such as Rika, to even respond to her filthy words, but nobody is allowed to say such things.

    Zero, if you next see her, please smash her pretty little face in with whatever lies at hand, if you can avoid the troubled aftermath.

  15. Rika's a tool, Jean. but thank you for expressing your heartfelt comments as you did. I couldn't have said it better with ten weeks of preparation.

    Part of me, I guess...isn't sad over her, which is a shame, because I felt she was already unrecoverable. Part of me is...relieved that I don't have to worry about her, and that makes me sick to my stomach.

  16. I know Rika is a tool, and she just wants a response, and that... but...

    We shall mourn for her. But she's free now. She's not under the control of the monster. She's herself. And she gave us so much whilst she was with us; love, light and life.

    And those are perfectly natural emotions to have. You're only human, Zero. We're only humans. It's what makes us fallible, but also what makes us great.

  17. Hey Zero, sorry for the half repost, but I better get this out where you really read this.

    The Guardian might have been half-right. Winter solstice was celebrated in Germany. When Christianity became the main religion, the celebration simply got moved from the 21st to the 24th of decembre. Moving it another day would have seemed redundant to the Germans, so they simply celebrate Christmas in the evening of 24th.
    Assuming a similar process happened with other European nations, including the British, and my other thesis was true - Christmas would be the date you seek.

    Another support for that: Christmas is a day where love and support are reigning and children feel safer and are less prone to being scared.

    There are some other hints to Christmas too. Linking the whole story back to the Edda again, a *mistletoe* was what started Ragnarök because it killed the invincible guy. Now it's additionally a symbol of christmas.

    I'm just a little passer-by, but... I'm just saying.

  18. Zero, I know shit's going down. I know it's not easy. But you're still a (Sage), at least for now. And you've got duties.

    Maduin is almost certainly right about the Rule of Three. This is a faerie tale. Rule of Three is powerful. It's not a pleasant thing to say, but you, Amelia, and Maduin will have to find the third generation of Sages. If the Solstace is really when we can beat this thing, it will have to be by then.

    And by the way, don't look for a (Hero). Look for a (Mentor). If my love of fantasies is correct, that's who will find and prepare the Hero. As a Sage, you have enough on your hands already.

    Or just ignore me. This is just my two cents.


  19. I think the internet as a whole is the (Mentor), what with all the collected data and experiences. Maybe the (Mystic) or one of the (Sages) will do their part in this, too - but apart from the direct contact, which cannot be practised, everything the (Hero) would need can be found online already.

  20. don't call me that! don't even use those titles

    stop it!

    i've had to adapt my plan, my great scheme for the Solstice Event, and I see nothing but flack from everyone who has even *heard* of Robert.

    I can't fully disassociate myself from him, but damn it, I've got to have *some* credibility when the Solstice hits.

    Please stop using them.

  21. while I'm on the subject, Jean, you're very kind, very tender, but please don't mention that LLL to me either, that was a damn joke by him, letting us have her back.

    The fact that I bought into it only to have my hopes crushed and my sanity twisted into a pretzel is one of my greatest shames.

    I swear to whatever holy power is out there, I cannot stand any of that stuff.

    no titles
    no LLL
    no AP stuff
    no 'weapons'
    no binary

    i know you mean
    but dammit
    its a knife to the heart
    every time
    someone reminds me
    of the past

  22. Hey, cheer up, pal. I'm sorry for that mistletoe thing making you sad. But please don't let yourself overcome with feelings so much that you can't look neutrally at some good advice. That never does any good.

  23. if you think mistletoe is my problem, you've obviously not been keeping up.

    also if you want to spread your origin concepts for whatshisface, make your own blog about it, I've given up on that angle, it's impossible, at least for me.

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  25. Who am I? Just a friend. Sometimes. Maybe. Sorry I couldn't help any. Be seeing you...

  26. oh...I see...i think I know what's going on.

  27. I am double sorry, zero. I'm all new to this, and as I said, more of a passer-by than anything else.

    I don't want to create an own blog. Within your community, I sensed the disturbing pattern of people starting blogs while not being followed - and promptly becoming a victim of the SM.
    It's like with the cameras. You use them to protect yourself, but somehow they seem to work for them, they just do.

    I'd rather stay a passer-by, passing by and passing thoughts on to you all. It's okay If you don't want me to keep doing this here, though.

  28. fair enough, passer-by. I'm fine with you being here, but it just seemed like you had enough opinions and concepts that it'd be easier to express yourself in that form.

    I warn you however, that trying to place the monster into anything of our reality, or mystical attachments therein will likely lead you to fallacy, despair and delusion.

    That said, I would love to see Santa Claus kick his ass and shove a lump of coal up his ass.

  29. I'm sorry about that Zero. I'll try to avoid using language that upsets you in future...

  30. sorry about that outburst, Jean, i meant nothing personal, I assure you, it's just that...well, believability is crucial at this point, and some of the more unfortunate parts of my blog are ripe with issues, I'm the laughing stock of our part of the blogosphere, right now. If you don't believe me, I suggest you check out M's new piece on The Tutorial.

  31. I've read it, and I'm sorry about that Zero. But with hindsight, most decisions seem like bad ones. Everything's upsetting. But a lot of people still trust you...

  32. I'm glad you think so, Jean. Because the trump card for the Solstice involves that, can't say much more atm without prying eyes peeking into my plan.

    All I can really do is move forward, get my job done and see if I'm left standing when the smoke clears.

  33. Zero, Sandra's going nuts.
    Check out H(a)unting.
    And tell Jack.

    She just found out about Nessa.

  34. I'm not particularly welcome over there, but I guess it can't hurt to look

  35. by the way, does anyone have a description of Nessa? Just in case I need to know...

  36. A couple inches over 5 feet, short brown hair, green eyes, pale skin... I should know.

    You mean she hasn't shown up yet?

  37. Zero, It's Nessa.
    She's back!
    I knew she was back!




  38. As of right now, I announce that I officially have no idea what's going on with you other people. I engross myself within my own phylacteries for but a short while, and someone dies and comes back to life. Would someone care to explain what's happening?

  39. Jeff, honey, don't get your hopes up.

    Grey, I'd tell you if I knew.

  40. Thank you, Jean, and I respectfully disagree with your response to Jeff. It's not our hopes we should keep down, 'tis our expectations must lower.

    I don't know if it's this slendercrap or something else, but my mind feels constipated so I'm going to get some sleep for once. I'd very much appreciate any answer that anyone can come up with tomorrow. With that, I bid you all good night - or morning, as it may be - and best of wishes, mainy to not die. Then again, you might come back alive, but I don't know. Whatever. Nap time!

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  42. don't believe it, Grey/Jeff. Nope, not a bit. I gave up that sort of bullshit, I'm not falling back in now, it's not Nessa.

    Grey's right, can't expect crap like this to happen, to be real, should probably celebrate everyday I'm not dead or mad.

    I figure it was you two (Rika/Nessa) who were banging on my windows last night, thanks for the attention. I need to write a post...