Saturday, November 27, 2010


The police came by today, asking me if I knew of any incidents in the complex recently.  I asked what they meant, apparently someone got attacked recently by an unknown assailant.

Yeah...that blood I had on my sword.  Fortunately they were just asking the neighbors.   Not too sure how good my lie was, but I referred them to the incident with Rika that I had.  Even showed them the scab on my head where she banged me with that pipe.

The officer asked me why I hadn't reported it,  I sheepishly made up an excuse that she was someone I had met on the internet, and was trying to 'hook up' with her.  Apparently they bought it, and eventually went on their way.

Fuck, who did I hurt?  What did I do?

God, I can't stand not knowing but if I go confess to the police, I'll miss my chance for vindication on the Solstice.  I'm going to dispose of the blade, maybe bury it, I don't know.  But my weapon has got to go!  I hope that I had nothing to do with it, I *hope* that I cut the /construct/ with it, and not some poor person who had to fend off a deranged me.

I hope so

and as a mood breaker, I noticed this week that apparently my blog lacks credibility in the circles.  Well I already started to fix that, getting rid of all that self delusional nonsense.  However there's more to come.

I'm officially announcing that starting today, I'm a 26 yo Latina mother of 3, who has bouts of insanity leading her to believe she's stalked by a monster that isn't there, and then dies under mysterious circumstances.

Okay that was a cheap laugh on my end.  I suppose I don't have the talent to write something like that.

Take care all.  I'll keep posting.


  1. by the by Rika, hope you manage to take the fall for least till after the solstice. If I still live after that, I'm going to clear up the police matter, and maybe go to a mental health center.

    choke on that you psycho bitch

  2. Ouch. Police involvement. At least they bought the thing about Rika, that could have potentially got nasty.

    Disposing of the blade is probably the best idea. You might want to clean it and get as much of your fingerprints etc off it as possible.

    Hey, cheap laughs are good. Humour can make getting through things easier.

  3. I wonder though..what will I fight him with, after I destroy it?

    well, I should focus more on getting to that point, than anything else, right?

  4. Zero,if you were a 23 year old latina mother,i think i'd die of laughter XD thanks for making my day

  5. I haven't actually run into It or any hallowed/proxies yet, but at the moment I have a cricket bat which I intend to make full use of if anything comes after me. It's nonlethal so unless I go Bat Crazy (doesn't quite have the same ring as Axe Crazy does it?) hopefully no one will get any worse than a couple of bruises.

    I'd recommend you find yourself something similar, or improvise with household objects (you could probably do a bit of damage with a wooden spoon or something if it came down to it)

  6. I haven't lost my mind THAT much that I think a wooden spoon is going to damage to the /construct/

    What do you want me to do, mix up a batch of brownies for him? My cooking's not that lethal.

  7. You make the best mother, Zero.

    Now, considering what you're up against, a wooden spoon might be just as good as a sword in terms of effectiveness.

    A simple kitchen knife should be good for now, no?

  8. It was just an example, there are definitely better things to use (kitchen knives, other bits of furniture, etc). Personally, a cricket bat DOES work so I'd advise you invest in one of those.

  9. Hi guys!

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    SM has got an archenemy. And this enemy - is Santa Clause.

    Yes, you read that right. Now hear me out. Santa Clause is not as young as you thought him to be.

    He's got a lot in common with SM. Like him, Santa Clause is part of the human subconcious. While most people think that he is inspired by Saint Nicholas (hence the name) a child-friendly, holy man, there are far earlier depictions of him in almost every European country. In Russia, there's Ded Moroz, Scandinavia had Odin (Yeah, you didn't know he loved kids, huh? His nickname was "childfriend".) and to jump right to the country we will concentrate most on,in Germany there was "Vater Winter".
    Yeah, I didn't link Odin to Germany. There's a reason for that, just try to follow me.
    They all looked like old, wise men, for children even jolly and friendly, chubby with long white beards. Saint Nicholas? Uhm... well, there *is* some resemblance...

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    However, look at both of them. SM is tall, dark, featureless and slender and an official fiend of children. Santa? Short, chubby, with colourful skin and clothes, a face you always remember and the greatest friend of children ever. Perfect contrast. Now let's continue this.

    Odin sacrified himself by *hanging from the world tree Yggdrasil*. You can see a depiction of that in the wiki commons. Does that picture remind you about anything? Tentacles maybe? SM is ofted linked to trees, partly because of his often branch-like arms. Vater Winter also had a tall, slender buddyfoe by his side, you know? "Knecht Ruprecht" would always have a rood with him to beat the naughty children with it. Later on in most regions of Germany, both were mixed into the Santa Clause now known in Germany, a jolly man with a rood he seldom uses. Aren't those coincidents a bit off?

    But wait, there's more!
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  10. Like I'll let that happen. Zero, you'll never make it to the solstice as long as I'm taking care of you.

    I do hope to make my way back to B and Melody someday. It would be nice to be able to kill her right in front of him.

  11. @Brockchen that would explain why the early entries would say Yggdrasil, but I've given up exploring myth and origins to our foe.

    With Robert's breakdown, I think I have to accept most, if not all of his, concepts were faulty data.

    So, I'm back at square one, and since I'll be personally testing the Solstice theory in under a month, well, I just don't feel motivated to uncover more backstory.

    Maduin's doing some first hand data collection, the ballsy sunuvabitch. Maybe he'll figure out something.

    @RK Well, it's almost...consoling that you're still here. That means that not EVERYTHING I've seen lately is a lie. So tell me Rika-Chan, have I actually seen the /construct/?

    Heh, not that'd I'd trust either answer you give.

  12. I don't know if you've seen him but he sees you. Can you hear him? Listen. Listen to him. Do what he says.

  13. well there's one thing I know not to do. Listen to anything you have to say.

    Hope when the cops catch you, the physical exam doesn't go gentle, you putrid alterphile.

  14. I'm watching you Zero. Right now.

  15. Rika.

    Fuck you.



  16. You are the ones who shall burn at the hands of master. All of you.
    Maybye I could pay you a little visit Reach.

  17. Slate is another Revenant. He attacked me on the 23rd. He was the one with the shit spelling who posted using my account.



  19. What J said. FUCK YOU RIKA!
    Have'nt you done enough already? You stupid pyscho bitch. Just leave them alone. I hope Zero cracks your head open.

  20. The thesis with the solstice matches my thesis. The celebration of the winter solstice was one of the origins of the celebration of christmas in Germany. That's why Germans celebrate on the 24th of Decembre instead of the 25th! To move the celebration one additional day away from the original date would have been more difficult, and it was difficult enough as it was.

    If the solstice doesn't work, the calm, warm and friendly atmosphere of christmas could be what induces the weakest moment of Him.
    Christmas is the day least linked with fear.