Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Update title based on Horo's beautiful work.
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So Jeff's gone, yep, right online, just like Nessa.

Before you all decide to start trying to fix him through text, keep in mind this. It really didn't work for Nessa, in fact, looking back it was stupid to think that some silly slogan is going to empower someone to fight a monster. Ain't happening. So Jeff's gone.

So long, bud. I'll miss ya. If he 'miraculously returns', he's not back, it's another chain yank by the goon squad. Trying to destroy our morale again, works not too badly too, I must say, but it's not going to break me yet. So, for those of you who don't read the hundred troll comments on the last post, let me tell you how my day went.

It went to shit the moment I got out of bed.

End of story.

Okay I owe you all a few more details than that. I had people banging on my windows half the night, just slapping their hands against the frame, one caused a crack. Called the police, they didn't find anything, and it starts up again twenty minutes later. This morning, I see a note on my front door reading, "TAKEEVERYTHINGFROMYOU" and then I see the shitstorm of comments from our delightful antagonists. The people outside start up again as I'm typing, but eventually things die down, and I double check my home for problems, then I see what happens on the blog after lunch. Long story short, Jeff falls to the corrupt.

Read the drama for yourself. It's sad, I know, and I seem heartless to just throw that out there without any real emotion, but I'm getting used to tragedy. While Jeff starts falling, I fall for a taunt, and decide to go whoop on Rika. If I were smart, I would've realized she can't be posting on my blog when she's right outside my house, noone's stupid enough to have an open laptop while running around my house slapping windows. Not even Rika I kid. No I don't. So I go out there with my cudgel, chase around two guys I don't know, and smack one of them in the back. Cops show up surprisingly quick considering I didn't call them, and then I get a twenty minute Q&A session with Marion County's finest.

I spin the tale so i'm the persecuted one, which is really true, I just leave out the whole mythos stuff. I even show them the note left on my door. Thanks for that. They pretty much don't do a damn thing for me, aside from telling me that they'll send by a squad car more regularly. And then Flame Wars: Part 3 shows up on my last entry. I think I'll be disabling comments for a while.

I'm sick of it all.

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