Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Delusions and Humility

Set a god damn trap for me.

sent rika with a pipe because he just wanted to show i was vulnerable, she could've stabbed me, but no, he wanted me alive a bit longer, to show me my failure

Sat there and taunted me silently as I saw my friends pulled away


god nessa, i'm so sorry

glad to see you others are alright

I was cocky, I got to think that there was no way the plan can fail, and then he comes and reminds me what he can do when he wants to.

i love my family, but he knew to strike here, against you, to shatter me.

yeah it worked, but i still function

haven't seen him today yet, i'm moving, i know a good location, can't give details

should've done this days ago.



i must be delusional, really.  in the midst of despair, i decided that i could save someone miles away.  i don't even know where she lives let alone how to get there.  so i think, alright theres only one form of transit that can get to her, maybe if i can project, i can zip over there, see her and try to free her

stupid idea, 'oh i'm a sage, i can learn to do anything in a fucking week because i'm special' 
fuck that,  never had any luck, just fiddling while rome burns, and watch all my work, all my friends collapse
but what can i do from here?  how can I help anyone?  so i give it a shot again

so i sit down, try to relax, and it takes a moment, my heart keeps racing, and every sound i hear could be him walking in my house.  i manage to clear myself

i blacked out

i don't know what happened, maybe it worked....yeah right.  but i woke up, my sword still in my lap, my legs crossed, with my back to my door

and my doorknob was turning back and forth, i got a good lock on my bedroom door, thank the complex

it rattled and jostled as I got sword  in hand, and just waited for them to crash through my window
and make a last stand

wasn't afraid

full of rage, for nessa, for everyone

it never happened.

after the sounds died down, i investigated my home

mostly alright, some stuff knocked over, and i caught an odd glint of color on my sword, when it hits the light

something's on my blade

i don't know what
where did it come from?


  1. Sounds like this time when you(Sage) blacked out something good happened, sounds like you took a swing at him and it worked. the Fighters aren't broken yet, it did all of that and it got at most one person, even losing one is bad, yeah, but we got it running scared for once. Maudin(Sage) posted something on Nessa(Herald)'s blog that suggests she's all right, we haven't lost her yet.

  2. Don't fold just yet, mate. We have some cards of our own. Remember that.

  3. Yo, Zero, any idea what the "substance" is supposed to look like? About to go on the warpath to look for Nessa, I'd like to know if this vial is the substance, or just a really gross mixture someone put together in Chemistry class.

    It's thick, like, viscous-thick, greenish-black, and when I unstopper the vial it smells like moose piss. Any ideas?

  4. A man blacks out for a week and the world stands on it's head. I thought you were dead, and here you have me worried again.

    I just logged on and I can't stay on for long. Would someone bottom line last week for me? What the fuck is going on with this Last Stand Solcstice shite?!? I mean, last I read you had "Tales of projectile vomit" on, and now this?!

  5. @Pete - Lots happened in a really short span of time. Gotta be brief, making preparations to go search for Nessa. Long story short, we planned an attack. It was supposed to be Normandy, it turned into Waterloo.

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  7. every single binary message is a knife in my heart

    yes, I understand, Nessa...what should I do?

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